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Equip Your Factory with Smartly Purchased Used Machinery



Smartly Purchased Used Machinery

Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency. Buying automated machinery is one popular way to do it, but it’s even better when you can find used equipment at low prices.

However, you can’t just find coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) on Craigslist! Let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why it’s best to purchase such machinery from a reputable metrology dealer.


Fully Reconditioned CMM Machines

Buying your used CMM equipment from a leading metrology dealer means you get fully reconditioned machines. Purchasing this type of machinery from an auction or a Machine Tool Dealer that doesn’t specialize in CMM machines means you get the equipment as is, and have to hope it’s in good enough condition to last.

After the sale is complete, their obligation to you as a customer is over. The leading metrology dealers put all the machines through a complete check, including the probing systems, air lines, bearings, drive systems, and cabling. They’re also happy to modify or add to the equipment before shipping it, so it better suits your needs.

Just because machinery is used doesn’t mean it won’t work like new, and the best dealerships can alter the used equipment to meet your specifications. If you only get a low price on a CMM machine because it isn’t in great condition, that’s a “deal” you want to avoid.

Video Previews

Shopping for used CMM machines has never been easier since the best metrology dealers have videos of the equipment in action. Watch how they work from the comfort and safety of your own home, so you don’t need the hassle of travelling to the sales location.

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Even if you have the specifications for the machine you want to buy, it’s wise to see how it works before you make the purchase.


When buying a used CMM machine from an auction or independent seller, they seldom come with guarantees or warranties. In contrast, metrology dealers guarantee that the CMM machines they sell will work on your shop floor, or they’ll fix them for free.

They also offer turnkey packages that include every aspect of the purchase, from shipping and installation and more. Look for a dealership that is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association and upholds their code of ethics.

Such assurances give you meaningful peace of mind and comfort, knowing that the expensive equipment you rely on will work for years down the road. CMM machines often perform quality control along production lines, so it’s fitting that factory owners take extra care to ensure they’re in top-quality form.

Introducing automation into your factory is a great way to improve performance and efficiency, but buying this equipment the savvy way — used and from an authorized dealer — is even better. The COVID-19 vaccination rollout has allowed many businesses to open safer, helping to give the economy a much-needed boost. To give your factory the same type of lift, be smart when you purchase your CMM machines.

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