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What Is The Role of Social Media in Sports Betting?



Social Media in Sports Betting

With the development of technology, it is becoming everyone’s cup of tea to get any information within a second on the internet, and social media platforms have played a major role in this. These platforms are now not just connecting people globally but have emerged as a source of influencing decisions in different fields.

If we talk about sports betting, people worldwide, including online gambling South Africa, love to engage in betting sites to wager on their favourite sports. Social media’s role here is impressive in keeping people updated with the latest sports news and insights. But is it okay to blindly follow any social media platforms? Or follow any expert who shares content on sports betting? We will explore, how social media influences the betting industry and its impact on bettors and bookmakers.

Providing tips & strategies

Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are now the popular social media platforms where bettors can get updated tips and strategies related to upcoming sports. Users can follow accounts that provide insights and predictions related to sports betting. You can explore tips ranging from experts to personal opinions from fans. Now, here is a catch: this huge source of information can act as a double-edged sword for bettors. It can be challenging to differentiate between fake and genuine tips, especially for naive players. So it is crucial to search for trustworthy ones. Otherwise, incorrect information may lead to the wrong decision, thus affecting the chance of winning in sports betting.

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Sharing real-time betting odds & updates

Social media is a great source for bettors to get news and instant updates on sports betting. You can stay constantly updated about something related to the players’ injuries or weather changes—social media keeps the bettors well-informed, which could even alter the match’s results. However, with this, it becomes difficult for bookmakers to update odds based on new information. Predicting the match outcomes accurately is tricky as the odds fluctuate dramatically with the rapid spreading of news through social media. Although these changes appear beneficial for bettors, they raise uncertainty in the betting market to predict correctly.

Popularity of social media influencers

How social media influencers have become inseparable from the sports betting industry is not unknown. With their excerpt tips, advice, and predictions, they have started driving viewers on YouTube and Instagram. Famous names like Vegas Dave or Warren Sharp have recently gained massive popularity. However, bettors must only trust the ones who genuinely know about sports instead of blindly following some influencers who do it for monetary purposes. Failing to predict recommendations will result in incorrect betting choices and massive financial loss.

How to Identify Fake Information on Social Media Platforms

  • Always verify the source’s authenticity by checking the website domain. Examining the author’s credentials is also essential, and authorized sources should support the information.
  • Always compare the information you come across to a site with a trustworthy news channel to confirm its originality.
  • Be aware of sensational headlines, as many fake websites drive customers with these clickbait titles.
  • Check the language and tone of the blogs or articles; fake sites sometimes present biased viewpoints or make personal attacks.
  • You can get help from fact-checking websites like or Snopes to check whether information is accurate.
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