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Sofa in Singapore



Sofa in Singapore

Everyone loves being at home. It is the place where one can relax and have wonderful moments with their loved ones. At, you will get the best sofas that you can fall on after a long day at work. A sofa can give you a whole-body massage and help you relax. You can get the best sofas in Singapore that will fit your personality and express your style.


Here are the types of sofas you can buy from us:


If you want to make your living room cozier, consider adding a loveseat. It is just as high and deep as a traditional sofa. It provides you with a comfortable room of two. They are often used together and arranged in an L-shaped configuration. You can get a loveseat from HipVan at a very good price.

Sectional sofas

You can get a set of sectional sofas from HipVan. It comprises multiple modular components that allow you to configure a sitting arrangement that occupies the family room perfectly. For example, a loveseat-chaise lounge will fit very well in areas that have limited spaces. The U and L-shaped design combined with corner chairs are ideal for rooms that have sufficient spaces.

Trundle Sleeper Sofa

These types of sofas allow you to transform your living space. The front rail of the coach conveniently rolls forward and reveals a trundle mattress that is stowed inside. All you have to do is use the handles to pull out the mattress and lock it in place. It is very easy to set up. Another good thing about trundle sleeper sofas is that they blend well with the aesthetic of the room. The mattress also has a design and color similar to the rest of the couch. If you decide to do away with the bedding layered on top of it, the sofa gets an extra-wide chaise making it ideal to rest on while watching a movie overnight.

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Sofa bed

Sofa beds are a unique couch that pulls out to make a bed. The sofa bed functions as a common couch when folded up, and only occupies space when turned into a bed. Sofa beds fit people who live and want to buy a sofa in Singapore. Sofa beds come in different sizes and styles where they fold differently to form different bed sizes. Sofa beds come in different materials from casual fabric like denim to edgy leather sofa. If you love having guests around for sleepovers, sofa beds are the best investments to make.

sofa beds

Modular sofas

They are a combination of sofa pieces to form the preferred seating arrangement. Modular sofas have the flexibility to increase and decrease seating sizes by adding or removing smaller sizes when not needed. These sofas fit large families where everyone can sit comfortably in the same room. You can choose from a variety of designs and sizes available in sofa stores in Singapore.

Outdoor sofas

Who said that sofas are used in the house only? Outdoor sofas are available to customers to make their outdoor activities and experience more enjoyable. If you have a comfortable outdoor couch in your compound, you can grab a glass of wine, have some music, and enjoy the sun. You can bring the beach club experience to your home by buying outdoor sofas in Singapore.

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