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A Guide to Buying Beddings for Your Baby



Buying Beddings for Your Baby

Unlike adults, babies spend most of their time sleeping. Because of that, parents must take all necessary measures to ensure they rest in a comfortable and cozy environment. Your baby’s bedding is one of the most essential things that you need to buy for him or her. For most first-time parents, you may be stuck wondering what to and not buy for your baby’s sleep area. Here is a guide to buying beddings for your baby.

What Beddings Should I Buy for My Child?

  1. Crib and Mattress

The first thing that you need to get for your kid is a baby crib and then a mattress. The crib acts as the foundation of your child’s sleeping area. It holds all the other beddings. When shopping for a crib, as much as you may be after a good-looking design, you need to consider safety first. Not all cribs are made the same. You should buy a crib that can safely hold your baby as they toss and turn.

While we are still on baby cribs, some parents also prefer to buy bassinets. The latter is where your baby is going to spend most of the time during the day. However, a crib seems to be the most cost-effective option because it will serve your child for longer. And you can also opt for a travel crib that your baby can move around in as they grow older.

After you have settled on a crib, the next item on your agenda should be a mattress. As much as a softer mattress may seem like an ideal choice for babies, it can be a health hazard. Babies conform easily to the mattress and when sleeping on their stomachs, this can lead to suffocation. A firmer mattress is ideal for the baby’s back and it is safer.

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When shopping for a mattress, you need to consider the size of the crib so that it can fit perfectly. So, be very keen on the measurements. It is also advisable to invest in a waterproof mattress protector that will prolong the life of your mattress.

  1. Sheets and Blankets

If you want a comfortable baby bedding ensure that you only buy quality sheets and blankets. The reason why these two play an essential role in providing comfort to your little one is because they make direct contact with your baby. Unlike the crib that acts as a shell, the sheets and blankets are what hold your baby when he or she is sleeping.

When shopping for sheets, ensure that you find the perfect fit. Loose sheets can also be a health hazard. Once again, be very keen on the measurements. Even though sheets protect the mattress from spills, they don’t do a great job as mattress protectors. Considering how expensive mattresses are, it is advisable to have both in your baby’s crib.

The other thing that you will need are warm and cozy blankets for your baby. Also, loose blankets can be a suffocation hazard. Go with something that fits well and is heavy enough to keep your baby warm. With sheets and blankets, you have the freedom to choose brightly colored ones or those with drawings to beautify your baby’s sleep environment.

  1. Crib Decorations

Babies are cute and it makes sense to decorate his or her sleeping area with tiny beautiful objects. Though not necessary, crib decorations create a comfy sleeping environment for your little one. So, once you have the crib, mattress, sheets, and blankets, find some toys and secure them properly at the top of the crib. Your baby will be playing with these toys before falling asleep and when they wake up. As you install toys and decorations on the crib, keep safety first.

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Crib Decorations

The above are the three main types of beddings you will need for your baby’s sleeping area. When shopping for baby beddings, parents need to be very keen on quality, size, and safety. Babies are very delicate and their beddings should be specially designed to meet their needs.

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