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Something Was Wrong


“Something Was Wrong” Podcast by Sara:

The “Something Was Wrong” podcast is dedicated to the question “What is wrong with the men in my life?” with a new episode released every other week. It started life as a way for Sara to give us an outlet to share with other friends and family what she has learned about what was going on with her father’s behavior. A third of the “Something Was Wrong” podcast is dedicated to the laws and policies that cover these cases. All three of the founding members of the team are lawyers and women who work in the field of domestic violence.

Types of Topics in “Something Was Wrong” Podcast:

“Something Was Wrong” Podcast – Sara covers a wide range of topics to help women and men, in need of help. The primary focus is domestic violence, but other topics that she addresses are stalking, dating abuse, child abuse, and elder abuse. In addition, she discusses emotional abuse and how to recognize it. The field she gets to work in is somewhat new and young. “Something Was Wrong” podcast has attracted wide range of audience. This is because it takes a lot of work and resources to develop policies, procedures and the will to enforce them. Women’s rights organizations have been working hard to bring awareness to the issue over the last few decades and to develop legislation. However, we need to take our time to put the tools in place to make it work.

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The Methodology Behind “Something Was Wrong” Podcast:

Change is not always accepted as quickly as one would hope. There are times that activists will be ridiculed and ignored for their ideas. These are trying times. However, with dedication and persistence, “Something Was Wrong” podcast can help move forward in the right direction. As women and men, we need to support one another. One of the most difficult things about abuse is it happens in private.

In most cases, the abused person does not come forward, because we do not want to expose ourselves. In their work with these clients, it is their job to help them to come forward, regardless of what anyone else may say. In “Something Was Wrong” podcast, Sara sees her clients come in, often depressed, heartbroken and afraid. Her job is to help them realize that it is not their fault and to work with them to create a plan for change and to make the changes happen. She also uses humor to help lighten the load. We all know that laughter is healthy and good for the soul. We need to laugh more!


The team at “Something Was Wrong” podcast has done a lot of research on this podcast. In Something was Wrong Podcast – Sara wants to help others to teach them more about the law and about domestic violence. When she starts with a client, she starts with the safety plan. We need to teach people the correct way to build a safety plan. They also need to know what their rights are. That is part of this podcast – to help a client to understand their rights and to help them understand how to protect themselves, if they ever need to.

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