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Space Movie 1992 [Gayniggers from Outer Space]



Gayniggers from Outer Space

What space movie came out in 1992? This question is trending now on the internet. However, a Reddit discussion first popularized the term “space movie from 1992.” And Google soon ranked the term as one of its top searches, filling out all related auto-suggestions.

So, do you know what outer space movie came out in 1992? Let me tell you, it is the Gayniggers from Outer Space, and it is a short film that comes out with the Blaxploitation theme. This film pokes fun at other space movies that Hollywood churned out in the early days.

People began searching for the film after others on Reddit had implored them not to search on Google for “space movie 1992.” This was a dirty method to con people into searching for the term and this trend stirred up some drama on Reddit.

Gayniggers of Outer Space is a story about male aliens who liberate the men of their planet from female oppression. They are attempting to cultivate a novel generation of “gays.” So, now that you know what space movie was made in 1992 read the entire article to know all details about this movie.


What outer space movie came out in 1992?

So, as we already mentioned, in 1992, the “Gayniggers from outer space” was directed by Danish artists and produced by Dino Raymond. It’s an original Blaxploitation film, which Wikipedia defines as a Subgenre that originated in America during the 1970s. So, we don’t recommend you to watch this film, but if you are interested in watching it, you can find it in 2022, and it’s just a 26-minute short film.

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Gayniggers space movie 1992 plot:

If we talk about the plot, then the movie is hilarious. In this movie, the black men group who are homosexual and also the extraterrestrial group (Aliens) comes to the planet Earth called Anus. They found that on Earth, women are present, which is not ok for them.

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So, they all decided to free all the men of Earth from all these women. For this purpose, they use rayguns to eliminate women from the Earth’s planet.

At the last of the movie, one man stays on Earth as an Ambassador of Gay to teach the men of earth about the new way of life.

Review of the Gayniggers space movie 1992:

If you’re in the mood for a comedy, this movie is definitely worth streaming. It’s entertaining and can be watched one or two times. Additionally, you can share this movie with co-workers. If I explain this movie in short words, it is the sexiest, most racist, awful, and most comedic movie. But this 1992 space movie is complex and challenging to explain thoroughly.

I had more fun watching this sci-fi movie than any other. I wanted to see how terrible and unrefined it was. However, the movie is overflowing with hilarity, but the comedy shines through. So, I watched it for the entertainment value of its badness and to see how low-class it was.

In addition to the lame jokes, the VFX and the special effects are terrible. The asteroids appear to be wholly fake, and the spaceship lacks logic.

While some called it the most foolish idea ever, others saw it as the most ingenious concept they had heard. But I believe the concept was unique, and the plot and screenplay were ridiculous. Interestingly, this funny 1992 short space movie isn’t as bad as one might think.

I believe a remake with improved visuals, a more engaging plot, and likable characters could make this movie much better. This movie can be successful if it keeps its budget high and has a good plot. The movie will likely be called sexist, racist, and a million other ‘ist’ names, but ultimately, “It’s about the context of the situation.

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So, now you know what space movie came out in 1992 and all details about this movie. If you want to watch this movie for comedy, then it is the best option. But it is not made for logic and direction.

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