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All You Need To Know About Stand up Dart Boards!



Stand up Dart Boards!

There are two kinds of dartboards: electronic soft plastic tip dartboards and steel point dartboards (traditional). To make it easier to select, take a look at the following features:

Dartboards are classified into two categories.

  1. Dartboard with a light plastic tip, the soft plastic tip dartboard (electronic) helps you to communicate with the dartboard right away. It will sum the points and show the scores of each player. When playing with mates, you’ll use darts with a soft plastic tip, which are cooler.
  2. Darts with steel points, you’ll get the real playing feel and a more conventional style with a dartboard for steel point darts (traditional). The decision will be based on how much you play, Darts with steel points are more accurate to play with.

Dartboards from GEOLOGIC come with cabinets to make them more discreet and to store your darts.  GEOLOGIC has dartboards with up to four screens (multi-player). Players would be able to keep track of their score without having to wait for their turn.

Source of energy:

There are two forms of power supply

  • Mains power: The dartboard must be plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • With batteries, you’ll be able to play whenever and wherever you want.

Dartboards with Steel Points (Traditional)

Depending on how much you play, you will make a decision. Once this is established, the following requirements must be considered in order to select the best dartboard for you:

  • With scoring segment dividers, the precision is 42 cm in diameter.
  • The dartboard is made of coiled paper and is thus more durable.
  • The dartboard is reversible and comes with a wall attachment pack, making it simple to use.
  • Traditional diameter with scoring segment dividers for accuracy.
  • The dartboard is more durable and heavier since it is made of bristle.
  • The scoring section numbers are directly written on the dartboard, making Stand up Dart Boards simple to use. It’s included in the wall-mounting package.
  • To optimize scoring pieces, use a traditional diameter with staple-free thin segment dividers.
  • The dartboard is more durable and heavier since it is made of bristle
  • Easy to use: The number ring can be removed to extend the life of the dartboard. It’s included in the wall-mounting package.
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What is the best way to hang a dartboard?

Here’s how to master it for your next hangout. But first, make sure you have enough room in front of your dartboard before hanging it. You’ll need about 2500mm, but check out the diagram below to make sure you’re on the right track. Or the left foot, but that’s something we’ll cover in How to Throw a Dart.

Regulations for Dart Boards:

From the field to the middle of the bullseye, the height is 1.73 m.

Steel Tip: 2.37m, Soft Tip: 2.44m from the front of the dartboard to the toe line, or throw line. Run a meter-long piece of masking tape across the floor to mark the throw line. Alternatively, you can use the measuring tape that came with your new Shot Bandit or Bandit Duro purchase.

Hang your board flush to the wall with the Number 20 at the top, not leaning out like a frame.

First and foremost, since darts always go missing, don’t hang your dartboard near windows, breakables, valuable art, or anywhere else where anyone could accidentally walk across your mark. If you have a hard floor, you can get a dart pad to cover both the floor and your darts. A surround or cabinet will also protect the walls, especially if your target is still a little, umm, unpredictable.

Scoring: Hang this to the left or right of the dartboard for quick access unless you have a cabinet with its own scoreboard.

Design of DartBoard:

In 1992, Shot Darts produced the Bandit, the world’s first and finest patented bladed bristle dartboard, right here in our factory. The board can still be found in-game rooms and tournament venues all over the world.

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How can you build on a well-loved product with a history like A Bandit? That was the key question we asked ourselves. There was no dispute within the community that such product features would not be modified or altered.

Each of the boards has 3.7 million fibers compressed into it, which is amazing! This premium sisal has always provided The Bandit with exceptional longevity and self-healing properties, and it will do so again with the next generation boards.

Similarly, the fact that this dartboard is staple-free will not change, and the micro-bladed 0.6mm wires on the Bandit have always been an incredible 50 percent thinner than other boards, resulting in 16 percent more playing area and consistently better scores for players. The Bandit was innovative in that it practically prevented bounce-outs, requiring no modifications.

What were the “pain” points for them when it came to dartboards? We also obtained some new knowledge about colours, disturbances, and board stabilisation, which we integrated into the new design.

The new board colours were created with lighting in mind. The latest eco colours are non-fade and maximise the colour of the board parts (especially under lights). Extensive experimentation with a variety of lighting systems yielded better colours that are vivid but not distracting tonally.

The black powder-coated number ring is made of high-tensile steel and is similarly built for a better visual experience. It makes it easier for the eye to follow the white numbers across the ring and removes the distraction of a white outer ring, which was a common player problem when focusing on the scoring area was crucial. As with the original Bandit, the number ring is a clip-on, clip-off mechanism that can be disabled for quick ring rotation.

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The ongoing problem of stabilisation was a source of frustration for most dart players. A recurrent issue was loose, moving dartboards. With our new dart board backing, we were able to solve this issue. It’s a simple, recyclable card system that easily slides over the back of the board and reduces noise, making it perfect for at-home players who need to keep the peace. Foam wedges, which are available as an alternative, also help to hold the board in place.

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