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10 Key Things in Understanding the Power Plan Drill Technique



Power Plan Drill Technique

Golfing is a mastery in itself. It is not just a simple sport. It is a craft that needs skill. And the skill develops with practice and patience. In this article, we are going to go over some of the factors you need to grasp in order to master the power plan drill technique.

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1. Energy Is the Basis of Power

The first thing to understand when attempting drills is that energy is the basis of power. Power comes from high velocity and acceleration because they both consume energy. In addition, energyion, energy is self-sustaining, meaning that when an object absorbs and releases energy, the same amount of energy is given to it.

2. Power must be Specifically Applied to the Club

To drive the ball further, a golfer must understand how power is distributed throughout his swing. The emphasis must be applied to the club at a location and time where it will affect club head speed most. The most excellent power application area should occur between 8-18 degrees after impact, depending on a golfer’s clubhead speed.

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3. The Speed of the Club Head Important

For a golfer to use maximum power with his driver, he must understand that obtaining the top clubhead speed can be crucial. Clubhead speed is a significant variable because it determines how much energy the golfer will actually use and how far he will drive his ball.

4. The Body Must be in Perfect Alignment

Most importantly, a golfer must understand that is perfectly aligned with his body and spine is critical. If a golfer’s torso is out of alignment, he will not have sufficient weight transfer to generate power.

5. The Hip and Legs must Accelerate

While achieving maximum clubhead speed, a golfer must understand how to accelerate his hips from impact with the golf club. The ideal acceleration for a golfer occurs after 8-12 degrees of swing initiation, depending on swing speed and driver head speed. The hips must travel at a rate greater than 60-80% of a golfer’s perceived swing speed.

6. The Spine is the Pivot Point of the Golf Swing

Most importantly, a golfer must understand the importance of the spine is in perfect alignment during his golf swing. If a golfer’s spine is in proper alignment, he will have sufficient clubhead speed upon impact with the golf ball to generate maximum power and distance.

7. The Hands must be as Relaxed

After a golfer has achieved maximum clubhead speed, he must understand how small changes in his grip size and position affect how his hands accelerate the clubhead. A golfer should become more concerned with achieving maximum clubhead speed at the end of his downswing instead of at impact. Regardless of the angle of release, an excessive amount of wrist cock should occur towards effects to ensure that ball speed is high enough to generate maximum distance.

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8. The Hips and Legs must be Rigid

A golfer must avoid swinging the golf club too fast if he wants to use maximum power. A golfer who depends on his driver will be forced to accelerate his body more quickly than if he slows down his swing speed.

9. The Wrist Should be Upright

Golfers must understand that it is tough for them to generate maximum velocity with their drivers because their wrists cock as they release the golf ball from the contact patch.

10. Maintain Proper Alignment of the Spine

Most importantly, a golfer must understand that if he wants to use maximum power, he must avoid any spinal misalignment throughout his golf swing. The most common spinal misalignment occurs when a golfer rakes his hand through and around impact.

The Bottom Line

The 60-second power plane drill is a revolutionary new drill for developing explosive power in the golf swing. It is designed to teach golfers how to optimally apply maximum capacity in the downswing by maintaining body alignment throughout the swing and keeping their hips as square as possible.

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