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5 Strategies to Promote Your Self-Storage Business



Self-Storage Business

Over the past few decades, the self-storage industry has increased significantly, and the number of warehouses has more than doubled.
The self-storage or self-service storage business allows you to rent depository units for self-storage. The stuff delivered to the warehouse is also your responsibility. However, companies can offer a wide range of services related to loading or transporting items, such as renting cars or trucks.
There are several types of self-storage:

  • Personal storage (is necessary if you move to a smaller house, have excess furniture, or need to store personal items outside the home);
  • Business storage (legislation often imposes an obligation on businesses to keep their records for long periods. Also, you should store a piece of excess or old office furniture somewhere);
  • Outdoor storage (many seasonal items are too big to hold at home or in the backyard: boats, yachts, jet skis, and the like).

With the ever-increasing competition in the self-storage industry, companies should think about strategies that will increase the number of customers and bring in more profits. They should also increase the visibility of the business among other similar companies.
Let’s take a look at some probable methods to take advantage of.


Take benefits of SEO

SEO promotion is a set of actions to increase a website’s position in the organic ranking of Google and other search engines for specific user queries. The purpose of such measures is to make it easy for potential clients to find your resource in search results and make a targeted action, i.e., to buy a product or order services, and you, accordingly, make a profit.
In the case of using SEO, your site will appear in the search engine results of someone looking for your exact product. Therefore, it is much more likely that a user will open your resource to perform a targeted action, i.e., find a self-storage facility. High search engine rankings will improve your brand image.
The more targeted queries you optimize for your business, the more traffic and sales your service will generate. You will get the most targeted traffic because, with the help of the search engine, users search for the things they need.
Offer a lot of related services, such as truck rental, selling packing material, boxes, etc. It will increase the number of keywords on the website and, accordingly, queries and targeted actions.
From the above, we can conclude that SEO is required to outpace your competitors, attract an unlimited number of new visitors and increase sales.

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Study the use of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising gives the user and potential customer information about a product or service based on the queries they have previously searched on the Internet. The area of interest must be close to or fully coincide with the subject of your advertised goods and services. Your site will be offered to people who have previously searched for storage facilities or other self-storage information.
Please get the benefit of contextual advertising. For a new business, contextual advertising expands market reach, increases brand awareness, and increases the number of consumers. With a limited budget, an adequately configured advertising campaign brings potential customers to the site.
If a user is distracted or left the site after studying the catalog, contextual advertising helps bring him back. It reminds him of the service.

Maybe an email newsletter is for you.

Despite the development of social media and content marketing, email marketing consistently remains one of the most profitable ways to engage your audience.
You can keep your customers’ attention with regular newsletters, informing them about new and profitable promotions, offers, contests, and raffles. It will help turn your audience into one loyal to your brand and open to communicating with your business.
Your company must put the most effort into the competent drafting of mailing letters, including selling elements in them, keeping the interest of existing customers, and attracting new ones.
Today, such marketing methods have become much easier as there are opportunities to automate them. You can use the best autoresponder in your work. In addition to instant messaging, also study click-through reports and other statistics to understand how effective your mailing is.

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Use technological solutions

Your company can have the title of being the most technologically advanced in its field. It will immediately increase the inflow of customers looking to make it easier and faster to put things into storage.
First, use innovative digital technology to turn the complex process of self-storage management into a little app on your phone. Automate the transferring and receiving of items into the warehouse, disposing and removing them from storage. In addition, you can offer any extra services that can be selected and paid for with just a couple of clicks.
Such comfort in using your services will lead to your clients becoming loyal and attracting new ones to you with their stories about the convenience of working with you.
In addition to using technology for your clients, don’t forget to organize your business from the inside.
Have you noticed, for example, how long it takes you to calculate payroll? It usually takes time and sometimes a dedicated department to manage the process. But you can use the available online paystub generators. It is especially true for a start-up but growing business, such as owners of small warehouses.
Your fame comes before you. If all the internal processes in your company are in place, people will want to work with you and be confident in the quality of your services.

Don’t forget the old ways.

Of course, in the age of digital technologies, all the methods described above are suitable. But don’t forget the good old-fashioned flyers, billboards, and press ads. It can significantly contrast your business since not everyone uses a computer or phone when looking for self-storage services. Your customers may be older adults who are used to reading the newspaper for breakfast or paying attention to the set of letters and newsletters in their front yard mailbox.
Make the most of this opportunity to get the word out to them, especially if you are close to them territorially.
When you own a self-storage business with many employees, warehouses, and additional services, the last thing you will be thinking about is developing SEO tactics and strategies, other advertising ideas, or web development. Therefore, it is highly recommended to outsource such work. The result will not be long in coming.
And when you’re managing the day-to-day operations of a self-service warehouse, you’re too busy working with customers to focus on these essential marketing ideas.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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