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8 Tech Tools to Fast-Track Your Business Growth



Tech Tools

Once you’ve stood your business up on two feet, the next step is to jumpstart its growth. Whether marketing tools or task management, the technological revolution promises significant returns for your business’s bottom line. Here are tech tools to help you fast-track your digital business growth.

A virtual office from iPostal1

Rather than setting up a P.O. box across town from the office or leaving your documents to the mercy of porch pirates, try investing in a virtual office from providers like iPostal1. This service notifies you of mail through your phone or computer, and you decide what happens to it, from forwarding, shredding, storing, or scanning. A virtual office also comes with fax and phone call reception, saving you on labor costs.

Lastly, if you’re looking to expand your business at the speed of sound, you can use the address and phone number associated with your virtual office to break your product into new cities. Instead of paying for office space in a new city, you can simply have a company like iPostal1 provide you with a legitimate address in that city that appears in a commercial office complex. In other words, when a potential client searches for your local address, it’ll appear like you have an established presence in that city — even though the location is simply forwarding you mail and phone calls. For a Japan-based virtual mail and phone forwarding service, check out MailMate.


One of your most pressing tasks as a business owner is the proper delegation of work. Trello is a task management website that lets you organize tasks and assign them under different projects. Tasks appear as a checklist that folks involved with the project can tick off as they go, minimizing miscommunications and keeping your deadlines on track.

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Email marketing is growing to be one of the most effective ways to advertise to customers in today’s plugged-in world. Consumers can check promotional emails at their convenience, and you can pay a fraction of what it might take to advertise elsewhere with MailChimp. This site has all sorts of tools for managing email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other useful link-building tools.


If you need something more generic for sales and marketing, then HubSpot is tough to beat. While it doesn’t have the same email tools like MailChimp, your employees can apply its tools to marketing across the Internet. Think of HubSpot as the jack-of-all-trades to MailChimp’s master of one.

Google Drive

One of the best ways to ensure your team has the documents they need to work is to utilize a cloud storage solution. Google Drive and the Google Docs suite allow you to store and work on documents remotely. You can enable all team members to access files, or you can set permissions on confidential documents.

Breezy HR

Rather than managing multiple accounts on different recruiting boards, hiring tools like Breezy HR let you save time and effort when finding new talent. Breezy HR sends your job postings to multiple recruitment sites and reports the hits and applications you receive to the Breezy HR account—that way, you have a one-stop-shop for all of your recruiting calls.


Instead of setting up and mulling over spreadsheets of finances, finance applications like FreshBooks can make accounting easier. By offering tools and organizational features to manage your business’s finances, FreshBooks makes it easier to track where money is coming and going.

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Whether for your website or social media accounts, your business will eventually need graphics and videos. On Canva, you can create social media posts and short videos using their assets and templates. Canva has a free option, so you can try it out before committing any money.


Any tool you incorporate into your business operations should do one of the two things: it should save you time, or it should save you money. There’s no shortage of helpful tech upgrades to grow your business quickly, so don’t shy away from the cyber revolution.

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