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THC Brownies VS Gummies



THC Brownies VS Gummies

Besides smoking cannabis, edibles are a very popular way of getting THC and the psychoactive effects that come with it. However, edibles have different effects depending on what the THC is mixed into and there are many ways of consuming cannabis as legalization continues.

Today we’re explaining how brownies and gummies have different features and effects. Then you can choose the one that appeals to you the most for the best edible experience. Remember that you can make edibles at home if it’s legal. Making brownies is simple and you can get an infused gummy maker to make your own gummies too.


Brownie Features

Brownies have been one of the most popular ways to consume THC, being a long-standing way to disguise cannabis in areas where it may be illegal to use. It’s also much more pleasant and tastier for the average person when the cannabis is concealed into a chocolate brownie. The idea of infusing cannabis with baked goods has been around for centuries, for brownies and other items like cakes and cookies.

Cannabis binds well to the ingredients used to make baked goods like brownies. This is because the cannabinoids inside the plant are fat-soluble, so they bond well to ingredients that are high in fats, like cocoa, butter, and eggs. As such, lipids are great at storing THC and then releasing it once consumed. In research, natural butter and coconut oil seem to be the best for baked good edibles, so try to use those in your brownies!

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However, brownies and other baked goods can lose potency in the heating process. Baked goods need to get baked, obviously, but this heat can and will destroy some cannabinoids in the brownies, making them less powerful.

We should also take some time to talk about chocolate, the next big ingredient in brownies. It is difficult to test THC levels in chocolate products, which usually means that chocolate-based THC edibles will have a stronger kick. Once again, the fat elements in chocolate further prevent THC from getting destroyed.

Chocolate-based THC edibles are also great if using THC as a sedative to get better sleep. We have more on the benefits of using edibles below.

Gummy Features

Since cannabis and cannabis products have started to get legalized, gummies have quickly become very popular. This is because they are very versatile – a brownie is a brownie but gummies come in different shapes, flavors, doses, and new and exciting infusion methods like nano-emulsion.

Since they don’t hide THC in fat, which needs to take time to break down, gummies are also more fast-acting than fat-heavy edibles. They’re also healthier to eat if you’re trying to avoid consuming too much fat!

While gummies are versatile, most are made with a cannabis distillate that avoids getting a strong cannabis flavor. Some use hash, though they won’t taste as nice as those made with distillate. Distillate edibles also digest fast, so you get the effects quicker but they dissipate faster too.

However, since THC is digested quickly, gummies aren’t as powerful as other edible bases. So, if you took a brownie and a gummy, the brownie would be stronger. Gummies and other candies work best as edibles when they are sublingual – left to dissolve in the mouth – instead of in the digestive system.

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Gummies can also have terpenes added to match strain profiles. This isn’t something you can do with brownies and other baked goods – you can’t customize them that much.

Also, while chocolates are great for night-time use, gummies are better for more casual day-time consumption. This generally makes them better for use in social situations too since they give you a concealed high.

Reasons To Take Edibles

Edibles are a great way to get THC into your system and the health benefits that come with it. While they can be taken for leisure purposes, responsible oral consumption of THC can give you the following life-improving effects:

  • Better Sleep
  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Pain
  • Easing Chronic Illnesses


From this information, you should be able to conclude if brownies or gummies are your ideal way of getting THC. For a slower, longer high that packs a punch, brownies and other chocolate and fat-based edibles are ideal. Gummies, on the other hand, are better for faster, concealed highs and can also come with much more variety.

Brownies are popular because they’re an old recipe that most people can pull off, while not everybody knows how to make gummies. That said, there is special equipment that can make homemade gummies a reality.

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