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How to Choose a Right Battery for Vaping?



Right Battery for Vaping

While a vape pen may look like a simple device there is actually some complex electronics going on when you press the buttons. Early vape devices were simple; they were basic, non-adjustable, and often throwaway items. These days there is a lot to learn when you take the step and start vaping.

For example, you can buy a dab pen which is for vaping wax concentrate cannabis. Then there are other types of pens that are for dry herbs and oils. Furthermore, do you buy a disposable or reusable vape pen? These are all important questions that a reputable retailer will help you answer, but this article is about batteries.

Why are there different types of batteries and what is their purpose? Let’s have a look at why there is one specification of battery that you most certainly want to be buying.


Why Different Batteries?

The ‘standard’ vape pen battery is known as a 510 thread cart battery because 510 is the size of the thread that is used to screw it in and unscrew it from the device. However, there are variations within the 510 battery market that also need to be considered.

It is recommended that when buying a vape battery you ensure that you are buying a ‘18650’ battery. This is a size classification of battery that is popular in the vape world and that provides the longest time between charges. It is the ideal type for vaping, and comes with all quality devices.

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You should beware of cheap batteries that can run at a higher voltage, as these can cause damage to your vape device. Now let’s look at how to decide which vape battery to buy.

How Do I Know Which Battery to Buy?

The vape device market is a busy and growing one, yet there are many reputable retailers who will help you understand the type of battery that will be best for you. The budget also plays a part and you should always buy the best you can afford if you want to enjoy a quality vaping experience.

Choose a battery that has variable voltage controls. This relatively recent development allows you to change the temperature at which the atomizer does its job by way of small increments in voltage either way. The result is a tase difference, a bigger or smaller vape cloud, and also alterations in strength. Some cheaper batteries do not come with this feature, so it’s certainly worth making sure you have variable voltage.

Your chosen retailer will work with the best brands to bring you the vaping experience that you want and need, so you can enjoy your vaping from the off even if you are new to the scene. There’s plenty of help and advice online about vaping, and there are scare stories too but don’t let them put you off. Vaping is inherently safe, there is no burning involved so no tar or other nasty by-products, and it does not harm the environment.

Is a 510-Thread Battery the Best?

When you choose your vape device it will come with a battery as standard, but there may come a time when you wish to upgrade your battery to a more sophisticated or powerful one. Most vape batteries – because of the 510-thread design – will fit most vape devices, with size and shape being the only problem in some cases.

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Once again, you can rely on a good vape retailer to help you choose the right vape device and an accessory set that means you can go straight ahead and start enjoying your cannabis or other substance in vape form.

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