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The German Legal Fanfold Paper



German Legal Fanfold Paper

Some years ago, a little bit of the problem had been discovered about printing the document to one Legal size type of paper. For instance, in Microsoft Office or with any other version, you can settle and use the Legal paper sizes when you desire the long bond paper type, but using this size of the paper will not really fit the local version of the long sizes of paper. In the US and some other similar countries, the Legal paper size has been defined as 8.5 x 14 inches; however, in some other countries like the Philippines, it has been oriented by the paper suppliers that the Legal size had the size of 8.5 x 13 inch. Base on some researches, this 8.5 x 13 inch is being named as the German Legal Fanfold paper that can be used for the fan fold name tags or the Folio paper size. Therefore the Folio and the legal fanfold paper size are from two different sizes. But, it has been seen in some of German Legal Fanfold in the print server properties where these have the same dimensions of 8.5 x 13 inch but, this is not being visible in the Microsoft Office.

Luckily, there is this printer such as the Epson that allows you to describe your personal paper size and then save it as a template; but, the Canon printers, but not all are not a user-friendly that when you are in need of the custom paper size since you have to always change your printer’s option to arrive with a custom size.

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After many hours of checking the printer’s setting, the right solution has been finally discovered and hoping that this tip will help the others that have the problem with their 8.5 x 13-inch paper and also with US Legal size and the MS Office also.

Our main purpose here is by making the user-defined Folio paper size templates. After some more steps, you can be able to discover the template in the Microsoft Office programs, plus some other programs that will require the printer’s properties will take the same results as well.


Step 1: Look for the Print Server Property.

Go to Starting Menu, look for Devices and Printers. Click on the default printer that has been installed in the system. After selecting the printer driver, an additional 3 or more option may show up over the Device and Printers window, then, look below in the address bar to see the Print Server Properties, then, click it in the settings.

Step 2: Make the paper size template.

From the Print Server Prop, go to Form tabs, look for “Create new form” this is the field needed for the new template specifications. Then, change the height and the width field values to width=8.50 inch and the height=13.00 inches. Then, create the name for your own paper size; then click Apply, and then OK buttons.

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Step 3: Check the new paper size.

Open your Microsoft Office Word; then go to the Page Layout tab; tap the size icon so it will drop down the lists of many paper sizes for your use to your fanfold name tags.


Q: What is the German Legal Fanfold Paper?

A: The German Legal Fanfold Paper is a type of paper used in Germany for legal documents and record-keeping purposes.

Q: Is the German Legal Fanfold Paper a standard-size paper?

A: Yes, the German Legal Fanfold Paper has a standard size, which is 210 x 297 mm, and is commonly used in Germany for legal and official purposes.

Q: What are the typical uses of the German Legal Fanfold Paper?

A: The German Legal Fanfold Paper is commonly used for the printing of legal documents, certificates, and official records.

Q: Is the German Legal Fanfold Paper only used in Germany?

A: Yes, the German Legal Fanfold Paper is specific to Germany and is not commonly used in other countries.

Q: Is the German Legal Fanfold Paper available in different colors?

A: Yes, the German Legal Fanfold Paper is available in different colors, including white, blue, and green. The color of the paper is typically chosen based on the purpose and type of document being printed.

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