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4 Critical Things to Consider When Planning a Fabulous Beach Wedding



Planning a Fabulous Beach Wedding

Regardless of the venue, planning a wedding takes considerable effort. Although planning a beach wedding isn’t necessarily more complicated, it does involve a few specific considerations and ideas that couples who have opted for traditional venues will likely not encounter. A beach wedding is an excellent idea for couples who especially love the surf and sand.

If you consider this type of venue, you might want to consider beach weddings on the northern beaches.

The northern beaches of Australia are located within Northern Sydney in New South Wales. It is near the Pacific coast. This area reaches South to the entrance of Port Jackson on the western side of Middle Harbor. It is on the north side of Broken Bay.


Consider your budget

Having a well-planned budget is a critical piece that ensures that your perfect beach wedding ideas come to fruition. Comparable to other weddings, setting the budget should be one of the crucial factors you and your partner plan out. Setting the budget goes hand-in-hand with finalizing the venue since the beach you select will impact the exact amount you have to shell out. A majority of oceanfront venues have beach wedding packages that mitigate guesswork. However, if you prefer to say your I do’s on a public beach and plan to rent a beach house, you will need to plan how you will be spending your budget accordingly.

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A tip when it comes to the date and time

No matter if you are having a sunset ceremony or exchanging vows early in the day, it is critical to find out if the weather will be cooperative. Where the sun will set on your wedding is critically important. Along with having knowledge of when the sun will set, you will have to look up at how the tides will be impacted and what time the high tide will be at your beach location. Experts recommend that couples place their ceremony altar near the beach but far away from any incoming high tide. Thus, you won’t have to be worried about the water getting too close.

Create a backup plan

Regardless of how much time you spend planning, there is still a chance that things will not go ideally on your big day. To make sure that everything will be running smoothly, collaborate with your wedding planner ahead of time to iron out a plan B. You might even want to consider having a plan C if the weather is inclement and the beach wedding ceremony is no longer possible. Aside from simply planning out a wedding backup, those details must be relayed to everyone involved in your wedding, including the guests, the officiant, and wedding vendors.

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Beachfront style and beauty advice

As discussed earlier, the sun and weather on the beach are critical factors that will cause an impact on many components of your wedding day. It includes your fashion and beauty. A wedding outfit must match the laid-back vibe of the beach and also be practical enough. Flowy wedding dresses are likely to work better on the sand rather than a strapless ornate beaded gown. Similarly, it is worth considering what your hairstyle will be. A low chignon may be more beach-appropriate compared to a high ponytail.

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Your beach venue wedding will be even more awesome in Australia. Consider having a beach wedding on the northern beaches.

The sandy shores of Bondi Beach in the northern beach are iconic and world-renowned. It is not only the beach that can be enjoyed but also the streets of Sydney, which is near the sandy shores. You can cruise around town on double-decker buses and witness the awesome attractions.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Beaches make this ceremony magical and truly exotic. Consider having beach weddings on northern beaches in Australia. The ocean beaches in northern beach include the internationally renowned Bondi Beach. Other beaches for a wedding venue are Manly and Cronulla. The ocean beaches are typically divided into the northern beaches near the Sydney Harbor and the southern beaches in the eastern suburbs and Sutherland Shire area.

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