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Dab Like A Pro: 5 Tips And Tricks To Get Started




Dabbing is one of the fastest-growing trends in cannabis consumption. It provides a better experience for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a new method to enjoy potent cannabis.  

Dabbing is easier for long-term cannabis users due to its similarity to a bong. It can be a little intimidating for beginners since this method requires knowledge of dabbing tools and concentrates. To get started, here are five tips and tricks to dab like a pro. 


Your venture to cannabis dabbing begins with deciding on your first dab rig. A dab rig is a tool that vaporizes and filters cannabis concentrates, providing a sharp yet smooth sensation. This equipment comes in two types: traditional and electric. Here are their differences: 

  • Traditional Dab Rig: A dab rig looks similar to a bong. Its distinct features are the nail, the part you heat up to vaporize concentrates and a flat mouthpiece. When you use a classic rig, you need a butane torch to heat the nail or banger to a specific temperature. You can use an infrared thermometer to gauge the temp accurately. 
  • Electric Dab Rig: An electric dab rig upgrades the traditional one. Instead of using a torch, it heats the nail electronically, making it safer. It also has a temperature gauge and display for easy and accurate heating. Most e-rigs also come in small and handy sizes for discreet carry. 

Many users say electric dab rigs are more beginner-friendly than traditional ones. However, it all boils down to your preferences. 

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Dabbing Experience

  • Choose Your Concentrates

After preparing all your tools, it’s time to get your supplies. You can go to your local dispensary or order online and ask for beginner-friendly concentrates. These dabs may differ in potency and flavor, so specifying what you want to experience is best. 

  • Shatter: This product shatters like glass. You can determine the quality by its color. Choose one that’s an amber or gold-like shade. 
  • Rosin: Rosin is one of the purest concentrates as it eliminates unwanted compounds during a solventless extraction. High-quality rosins are typically in a lighter color. 
  • Crumble: Crumble, or honeycomb resembles a crumbly sugar in light to dark yellow. It has a lower concentration than shatter and rosin, making it a perfect beginner dab. 
  • Butter: Butter or budder has a similar texture to softened butter. It’s also one of the popular beginner-friendly dabs. 

One tip when purchasing concentrates is to look for your preferred flavor profile and potency level.

  • Grab Starter Tools

Aside from your dab rig, you’ll also need additional tools to make your dabbing experience more convenient and enjoyable. Here are some dabbing must-haves for pros and beginners alike: 

  • Dab Tool: A double-ended tool with a scoop and paddle helps you transfer your concentrates from the container to the nail and scrape the excess. It helps minimize wastage and maximize your supplies. 
  • Concentrate Storage: Keeping concentrates in safe containers is imperative to maintaining quality. Some products, like shatters, also require a shock-proof container. 
  • Cleaning Supplies: Your dab rig should always be clean, especially the nail. You may use cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol to clean it up after each session. You may also purchase isopropyl wipes for convenience. 
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Preparing your dabbing starter kit with a complete set of tools makes you feel like a pro. 

Dab Tool

  • Setup For Your First Dabbing Experience

Preparing for your first dabbing session is crucial to enjoying the whole experience. You have to prepare your mind and your environment to avoid hassles and keep you relaxed. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Choose A Relaxing Space: Your environment plays a significant role in making the experience more enjoyable. Choose a comfy, secure location to avoid disturbance and maximize the relaxing experience. 
  • Prepare Your Tools And Supplies: Lay all your tools and supplies on a table for easy access. If you’re using a traditional rig, keep away from flammable objects. 
  • Start Dabbing: Fill the base with a specific amount of water and heat the nail. Then, transfer your concentrate to the banger and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. One pro tip is to inhale and exhale slowly. You can also search for a complete step-by-step guide on dabbing to see how it’s done. 

Your first dabbing experience is crucial to your journey, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. You’ll learn a few more tricks as you go along. 

  • Learn From The Pros

Dabbing can be tricky. Experts and long-term users provide tips to master this method while maintaining safety. 

  • Start Low And Slow: Beginners must always start with low doses in slow pacing, especially if it’s your first time trying concentrates. Observe your body and mind’s reaction before increasing the dosage in future sessions.
  • Stay Hydrated: Potent cannabis may cause slight throat irritation and mouth dryness. Staying hydrated helps keep things smooth and minimize sharpness. 
  • Invest In High-Quality Tools: High-quality tools may be expensive but worth it. For instance, premium nails or bangers preserve the rich flavor of your concentrates. Plus, they are durable and long-lasting. 
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These pro tips help make cannabis dabbing a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Dabbing may seem a little too complicated at first. However, you can quickly master this art of cannabis consumption with the right tools and tips.

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