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14 Tips for Cleaning Your Home as a Senior or Elderly Person



Cleaning Your Home as a Senior

We all know that seniors and elderly people have more difficulty with certain tasks. For example, you may not be able to bend down as easily or lift heavy objects, and it can be difficult for you to clean your home on your own. However, there are several things which you can do to make the process easier – such as setting up a cleaning station in one room of the house where all of the supplies are stored, so they’re always within reach!

There are also some tips for how to clean different areas in your home that senior/elderly people might find challenging. Hopefully, these will help ease some of those difficulties.

  1. Opt for vacuum cleaners: If you have several sofas and cushions in your house, then you know that these can be difficult to clean. Vacuum cleaners are one of the best options for cleaning upholstery and carpets, so it may be worth investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner if you have trouble bending or heavy lifting. You will find several designs and sizes, so make sure to choose the best lightweight vacuum for elderly so that you can easily handle it.
  2. Change your cleaning habits: If there is an area where you find yourself struggling to clean as well as before, then try to change your cleaning habits around this spot (e.g., keep all of the supplies nearby). This will make things easier for you! For instance, if you always need books or newspapers, then store them in a convenient location so that you can have them on hand when you need to habits
  3. Shelves and Hinges: You may find it difficult not being able to bend over as easily or lift heavy things – but this doesn’t mean that your home should be in a state of mess! Shelves are an excellent way for storing items which means less bending down while cleaning shelves and hinges around doors. Besides, it will help stop dirt from accumulating there as well.
  4. Beds: A bed is one of the hardest areas to clean because seniors/elderly people often sleep through dust bunnies gathering under their beds (which could cause allergies). Try using vacuum cleaners with long hoses, making it easier for you to get underneath the bed without having to bend or sit down.
  5. Airing Out Rooms: If you have two or more rooms in your house, try to make a habit of airing out each room at least twice per day. This will help keep the air fresh and clean for you – as well as preventing mould from growing on surfaces around the home such as carpets, bedding, curtains etc.Airing Out Rooms
  6. Plants and Plant spots: You may find it difficult to reach plants that are hanging above head height due to their pot being too high up. However, there is an easy solution! All you need is some strong rope that can be wrapped around the plant’s pot then looped over something sturdy like a door handle before pulling upwards with force until the plant has been lifted into a place where it can be watered easily. You can also use mobs to clean the plant spots.
  7. The bathroom: When you’re cleaning the bathroom, it’s a good idea to start with the hard floors. This will make them easier for you to scrub, and they’ll dry quicker, too, so that other members of your family can use them without having to wait around!
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Next, try cleaning any surfaces in the room before moving on to the toilet itself – as this is probably one of the most offensive parts of any home. When performing general maintenance such as mopping or wiping down surfaces, be sure not to neglect corners or under furniture where dust bunnies may collect.

  1. Windows: To clean windows properly, we recommend using newspaper (or an old rag) soaked in vinegar then rolled up into a long tube. This can be threaded onto the handle of your new window cleaner and used to create a squeegee effect, cleaning both sides of the glass in one go!Windows cleaning
  2. Fridge: The fridge is another appliance that’s easy for seniors or elderly people to neglect. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself – such as buying small containers with tight lids, so food doesn’t spill out all over when they’re opened up or placing items at eye height where possible (rather than reaching way up).
  3. Oven: Ovens are difficult areas for many senior citizens because you have to bend down far enough to see inside and reach corners. To avoid this, we recommend investing in an automatic oven so that you can rotate the food to be cooked by pushing a button.
  4. Stairs: Stairs are also difficult for some people, especially if they’re not able to walk very well or find it challenging with their vision etc. There’s no easy way around cleaning them, but we recommend doing so in stages – starting at the top and working your way down, rather than trying to do an entire flight of stairs all at once! This is easier on both your back and knees 🙂Stairs cleaning
  5. Use electric pumps to clean your outdoor space: If you have a yard or small garden around your home, use the electric garden cleaners to get rid of dirt and water from the yard. These tools will help you keep your garden clean and fresh without being too hard on your back or knees.
  6. Kitchen: The kitchen is often the most difficult room to clean because it’s so large and has many surfaces. Ensure you keep your cleaning supplies in one spot, such as under a cabinet or somewhere on the countertop! This will help make things easier for when you’re ready to start cleaning them.
  7. The right tools can help: It might seem daunting at first, but using power tools such as electric screwdrivers and drills can reduce pain on joints when trying to tighten screws or drill holes into items like furniture legs.
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It may sound daunting at first, but these easy cleaning tips will help make your home clean and fresh without giving you too much trouble.

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