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10 Tips for Renters: How to Make the Most of Life as a Tenant



Tips for Renters

If you’re a renter, you might think that life is hard, but renting actually has plenty of advantages.

Renting means that you don’t have to deal with the hassles of owning a home, like maintaining it and paying for repairs, which is perfect if you’re only renting for a short time.


Why Does Renting Get A Bad Reputation

If you read any stores in the media about renting, you’d be forgiven for thinking that not owning your own home is terrible, but this just isn’t true.

Renting brings its own benefits, and your home is supposed to be somewhere you can relax and enjoy life. As long as you are choosing a lettings company that you trust and who has good reviews, your renting experience could be the best time of your life!

The Positive Side of Renting

It may seem like owning a home has so many advantages that renting just can’t compete with. However, there are plenty of positives to renting too.

Take advantage of these renting tips to find your dream let

Find your perfect match

Renters should find the right landlord by asking around for recommendations or looking for common traits (i.e., good with pets) mentioned in rental postings.

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Matching with the right landlord can help create a smoother living experience for all involved.

Follow up on service requests

Residents should follow up on service requests filed with their landlords, especially if it is urgent.

Landlords have a duty of care to provide liveable conditions for their tenants, including dealing with urgent issues.

Be a good tenant

Make sure that you keep up with your rent payments, abide by the rental agreement terms, and respect others in the building.

By putting in just a little extra effort, renters can make great impressions on their landlords and create a smooth living experience for everyone involved.

Talk to your landlord

Landlords are the people who help set up tenants with a good situation in their new home, so renters should always try to discuss future issues with them if they come up.

If there’s a problem and you can’t solve it on your own, talk to your landlord about how best to proceed and why. This will help build a good relationship with your landlord, so they’ll be happy to help you when you need it in the future.

Use Your Space in Smart Ways

Renters can use their space more efficiently by keeping pets free from hazards, folding clothes to make good use of wardrobe space, and storing items in under-bed containers.

These simple efficiency tactics will help renters save time and money, so they can buy or rent a smaller apartment but not feel so cramped.

Chose a Friendly Neighbourhood

The best neighborhoods have friendly landlords, good amenities, and convenient transit options. Find your dream neighborhood and get ready for some great experiences as a tenant!

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The best way to ensure you have good neighbors is to spend some time speaking with them before you move in, and when you have moved in, spend some time making friends.

Use Apartment Service Companies Wisely

Renters should always use apartment service companies wisely in order to keep house problems from affecting their rent payments, so they should always check out their reviews before hiring one.

By looking at the reputation of service providers with online reviews, renters can be confident that they’ll be dealing with reliable companies that complete repairs promptly and fairly.

Ask for Perks

Tenants should take advantage of their landlords’ perks, such as access to pools and gyms. Tenants should make an effort to use these after-hours facilities, even if they are not necessary at all times.

This way, renters will save money on membership fees and have more fun when they need a place to work out.

Have a Clean Home

By taking care of details at home, such as keeping clothes neat and tidy instead of on the floor or hanging them up on hangers, renters can avoid much frustration in the long run.

In order to keep their home clean and tidy, renters should never leave dishes in the sink overnight, take out their rubbish, and make a point to keep the carpets clean and the bathroom tidy.

Be Courteous to Landlords and Neighbours

Renters should be courteous to both landlords and neighbours by keeping noise levels down, working out responsibly at the gym, socializing respectfully, and keeping common areas clean.

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At the same time, renters should be respectful to their neighbours by taking care of their garden or communal area and keeping noise levels down. Tenants should make an effort to use common areas as well, such as pools and gyms.

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