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8 Top Tips For Social Media Localization



Social Media Localization

Your social media content can appear differently in each market, both culturally and literally. This means that the direct translation of a text, image, or color that people ideally accept in one market could wildly differ in another one.

Therefore, you need to localize your social media content to effectively target your global customers in the right place and language by coming up with appropriate campaigns.  That being said, you may hire the services of social media agencies London or wherever your business operates to harness and widen your reach across the globe.

Here are some crucial tips for social media localization:


Localizing your website is crucial to ensuring your social media content gets to each country you target. Therefore, you must translate your social media content to the languages your target countries understand and modify your website to ensure it looks native to each country. This means that you’ll have to set up a domain for each language to make the different versions of your website SEO-friendly.

  • Create Local Pages

It’s crucial to create dedicated social media pages for each country if your business has audiences in multiple countries, hence, building a strong online presence.

You can start using top social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, since they offer local search options to users, helping them find your profile. Having separate domains for different languages would be beneficial when creating other local pages. You can create a more local experience by linking your social media pages to each of the language domains; hence, every new blog post or social media content connects back to its appropriate language domain.

  • Use The Correct Language

It’s also crucial to use the correct language on every localized page you create. This means that it’d be inappropriate to make a Spanish version of your social media platforms and link back to the Spanish domain of your website if you write your posts in English. And, although most websites have automatic translation features, they’re limited to machine translations, which might translate your content inappropriately. Thus, it should be in your best interest to hire the services of experts to ensure successful results.

  • Do Post Targeting

Post targeting is another way to ensure that your social media content gets to your target audience at the right time. Targeting is an ideal social media localization trait for people lacking the capacity to set up localized pages. Proper post targeting can increase clicks and engagement, helping you broadcast your brand to a broader audience.

  • Segment Your Local Audience

Segmenting your local audience helps focus your social media posts on the core audience for every language. For instance, Facebook can provide several targeting options, allowing for easy segmentation. This means you can segment your audience by behavior, gender, age, relationship status, interests, or job title. Through this segmentation, you can target your posts to a more specific audience.

  • Use Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting refers to personalizing your social media content based on the approximate geographic location of your customers. For example, their state, country, county, or zip code. Therefore, you can segment your social media content in terms of your customers’ location in sharing hyper-personalized content.

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You can refer to things that the local people recognize. For instance, as a real estate agent, you can run a Facebook ad using videos of you in a specific area as a backdrop. By so doing, you can increase engagement levels and watch times since the viewers would be interested in knowing what’s happening in the area they live in and have invested in.

  • Work With Influencers

Work With Influencers

Potential customers can notice and pick up your interaction with influencers. Ideally, some people tend to purchase something because a particular influencer recommended it. Therefore, you can maximize this option by engaging in social listening, tracking the tweets of local influencers, and then interacting with the influencers if an opportunity arises. Working with influencers can be effective since most people trust the recommendations they offer, especially if they’re members of your new local market.

  • Work With Skilled Translators

Typically, the translators living and working in your target local market are native speakers. Therefore, they might understand the cultural nuances and idioms, jokes, or expressions that can resonate with your target audience. Working with a skilled translator can help you produce social media content adjusted for nuance, accuracy, and richness due to their industry knowledge.

Bottom Line

Social media localization can help you grow your brand, whether it is a local or a multinational business. Social media localization can help in the creation of relevant and targeted information. Using the tips highlighted above, you can enter new markets at an affordable cost and deliver your brand information to a much broader audience.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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