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Dryer Vent Cleaning Hamilton: Tips to Help You Prevent Ignition of Lint That Causes Home Fires



Dryer Vent Cleaning

Accumulation of lint inside the dryer vent has been listed as one of the major causes of home fires. This is why experts recommend regular dryer vent cleaning Hamilton. Lint is highly flammable meaning that it easily catches fire especially when the dryer constantly overheats. When the clothes come out of the dryer with burnt smells, it means that the lint is slowly igniting itself and should be removed as soon as possible.

When the lint eventually ignites itself, the fire spends through the vent damaging the appliance and even causing you large losses. The only solution to preventing home fires caused by the dryer is to carry out dryer vent cleaning in Hamilton. The following are some of the tips to help you to prevent the ignition of lint in the dryer vent.


Plastic does not have the ability to hold lint fire inside the dryer vent. It easily catches fire once the lint has ignited spreading the fire to the rest of the house. The best choice of a drier vent is aluminum as it is strong enough to hold the fire inside. Always ensure that the vent is as short as possible and is not bent.

  • Regularly Clean The Dryer Vent

Ensuring that the dryer vent is always clean is the first step in preventing home fires. Dirt and debris found inside the dryer vent is the one that usually ignites causing the outbreak of home fires.

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Always ensure that the lint screen is cleaned every time you want to use the dryer to eliminate any chances of the lint igniting. Besides the lint screen, the vent line should also be cleaned occasionally.  Professional vent cleaners are the best option that you need to effectively remove all the dirt in the dryer vent.

  • Always Clean The Area Around The Dryer

Doing dryer vent cleaning Hamilton of all the vents and the lint screens alone is not enough. Ensuring that the laundry room is clean, especially the area close to the dryer is very important. The dirt close to the drier acts as potential fuel to the fire.

Once the lint ignites, these materials close to the dryer are the ones that facilitate the spread of fire to the rest of the house. Therefore, do not keep clothes, Hamilton dryer vent cleaning agents, and other materials close to the dryer.

Another thing to check is the connection of the dryer to the power source. Sometimes the fire can be caused by poor connection or leakages in the gas supply. Therefore, always ensure that the dryer is properly plugged into the power source. Ensure that the gas pipes are not bent as that is the main cause of leakages that cause drier fires.

As far as these tips are concerned professional dryer vent cleaning Hamilton will go a long way to ensuring no fires break from your dryers.

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