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9 Amazing Tips to Style up your Room



Style up your Room

Whenever we plan for home renovation, our main motive is to add to the beauty of our house. Be it the living room or bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or exterior area of ​​the house. While planning, your hands are filled with many options to choose from, but often you cannot reach a proper conclusion and get stuck in between the plan to beautify your home to get the best results.

So here are some tips for you that can be done in any room of your house and help you make the part beautiful.

A little wall color, a unique texture, and a little personality can create a world in your home.


  1. Plaster coving and cornice

A cornice refers to the molding between the wall and ceiling to avoid any cracks and damage. It strengthens the walls and protects various forms of leakages. A cornice would be plain or highly decorative; a plain cornice is referred to as coving. Decorative cornice enhances the beauty of the wall by carving different designs on the corners and embellishing them with attractive colors.

Plaster coving can be designed in various ranges, from simple and elegant to highly decorative ones. You can also choose from the various coving available in various designs like the swan neck plaster coving, Victorian cornice, regency coving, and so on.

  1. Caution in the selection of colors

The most important task is to choose the color for the house’s rooms, according to the choice of the members of the house, for example, bright colors like yellow, purple, and orange, some contrast shades and patterns in the children’s room. This selection of colors can add to the house’s beauty; apart from this, if you are a big fan of room aesthetics, black with white is a better option.

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And if we talk about the bedroom, then it is the room where you sleep; it becomes very important to style up this room. According to interior designer Angela Gonzalez, white color is the best option for your bedroom, and yellow, blue, and purple colors for your bathroom. Color is an easy and wonderful addition to every room of your house, so you can give the best touch to your house with all these colors, increasing the charm of every room of your house.

  1. Mirrors to make rooms look bigger

In making rooms attractive, it also becomes important that your room looks bigger; in this way, you make the rooms of the house, as well as your house, look bigger, or you can make any room feel bigger, lighter, and more open. So for this, decorating with mirrors is an easy, beautiful way. You place a large mirror directly or diagonally from your window to reflect natural and artificial light and make the room look bigger.

  1. Accessories for Every Room

To enhance the beauty of your home, you can accessorize your rooms with items like wall paintings, family pictures, glass wares, and so on. If you are an art enthusiast, you can paint your favorite aesthetics on the walls of the rooms and even add your hand-made wall hangings and art pieces to beautify the rooms. Setting up bookshelves is not a bad idea if you consider yourself a book lover. Apart from these, you can opt for small statues, vases, dried flowers, mirrors, floor lamps, and rugs to add an element of beauty to your house.

  1. Give importance to the greenery in the decoration.

Be it any room or the whole house, a little greenery connects you with nature, gives comfort to the eyes, and looks very attractive.

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The easy way is to associate it with greenery or flowers. Fill the empty spaces in the house with indoor plants, seasonal bouquets, etc., to give a designer touch to every room.

  1. Let the natural light in

Let the natural light come into the house, making every room in your house feel calm and open. There may be enough natural light in your house, and if it is not there, then place the windows in such a direction from where enough natural light can come; apart from this, choose the right curtains or shades for your room; it will change the look and feel of your room.

  1. Selection of attractive furniture

To increase the beauty of every home, the furniture of the house plays an important role; choose modernized furniture that fulfills your requirement and looks beautiful too.

  1. Update your tiles.

Tile is one of the most important elements of a cohesive design. If you want to add more beauty to the rooms of your places, then you can get creative with the tiles. Experiment with options like bold graphic tiles, mixing and matching different patterns, and dropping traditional square ones with rounded or hexagonal ones. Nowadays, 3D tile is very much in vogue; choosing the tile according to the color of the room, bathroom, and kitchen gives it a new look.

  1. Complement everything

Update all the places of the house, especially the rooms, bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions, carpets, footboards, etc. Curtains play an important role in enhancing the beauty of any room; choose them according to the color of the walls and furniture.

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By incorporating the above ideas, you can make every corner of the house attractive.

You should also remove unnecessary items from your house to make it clutter-free, which will also help to enhance its beauty.

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