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9 Tips to Improve your Dog’s Digestion



Improve your Dog's Digestion

Like humans, dogs can also have digestion problems but unlike humans, dogs can’t always say it. So, the most important question is how you will know your pup is facing digestion problems.

If you notice your doggo is drooling excessively, vomiting, bleeding, bloating, licking its lips or air, gulping, or having diarrhea, it might be because of digestion problems.

Digestive issues can make your furry friend unhealthy and anxious. It is important to cure these issues before it turns into something dangerous. These nine tips will help you to keep your canine friend safe from an upset stomach.


  1. Avoid sharing human food

No matter how much you love your furry friend, don’t share food. You might feel bad as it will look at you affectionately during your dinner time. Keep your heart strong and remind yourself you are doing this for the greater good.

Our daily food contains gluten, artificial coloring, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients that can be extremely harmful to your dog’s digestive system.

  1. Use probiotics

As we all know, there are two kinds of bacteria, the good and the bad. Probiotics are good bacteria. It helps your four-legged friend to break down food efficiently.

But most well-known dog brands do not use probiotics in their packed food. You can purchase probiotic supplements online or from your local drug store.

  1. Say no to unwanted vaccines

Yes, we all love our pets very much, and their protection is our utmost priority. But unnecessary vaccines can make your pup sick rather than safeguarding their health.

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Dogs get most of their vaccines during the early stage. But after that, if you are considering giving your doggo another dose of vaccine, consult your vet first.

  1. Give them high protein food

Dogs do not face digestive issues with high-protein food. It is easy to digest and activates enzymes in the body leading to a healthy digestive system.

Raw food is a great source of protein but you must always take precautions before feeding your doggo raw food as it can get contaminated easily. You can also explore dog food online that is rich in protein but make sure to read the labels before investing in it.

  1. Stop switching foods regularly

Changing foods on a daily basis can be harmful to your dog. The digestive system suffers the most. Before opting for new food in the diet, take advice from your vet.

Also, if you are thinking about swapping food, follow a step-by-step guide. Don’t rush things.

  1. Take your canine friend to walk

Sometimes low activity levels can make your doggo stressed and anxious. This can lead to an upset stomach. So, take it out for walks or maybe play for half an hour in the evening.

Remember, any kind of exercise, whether walking, jumping, or playing outdoors boosts your blood levels and reduces stress.

  1. Split the meal

Instead of giving your doggo two meals a day, try splitting the meal four times a day. Do not overstuff one meal with everything there is.

By breaking the meal at different times of the day, you are helping your dog from burdening their stomach. While applying this technique, always maintain a food timetable.

  1. Keep your doggo’s diet in check

If your pup has digestive issues, there is one easy way to solve them: Keep a check on what he is eating during the day. Also, keep a close eye on him to see if he is eating soil or any kind of things that is not food.

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This will help you to understand what is causing the problems and you can take action accordingly.

  1. Don’t forget about vitamins

Vitamins are important for a healthy dog and when given in the right dosages it helps to improve their overall health.

There are many vitamin supplements available on the market. If you are confused about what will be the best for your pup, you can contact your vet.

Over to you…

These tips will guide you to improve your dog’s digestive system. But if the condition is severe, it is best to reach out to an expert or visit a vet.

Also, don’t ignore the symptoms and feed them healthy food. Prevention is always better than cure.

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