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Finding the Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Distributors



Wholesale Clothing

On a journey to finding a glamorous women’s clothing wholesaler? Boutiques often face numerous complications while locating a par excellence wholesaler! From examining the quality, variety, prices, and shipping services to MOQs several things can be complex.

In such scenarios, navigating through such a daunting quest requires a fearsome exploration of top wholesale clothing distributors. This guide is going to be all about assisting you in finding your boutique’s perfect match in the hoard of thousands of clothing distributors.

Without thinking much, let’s analyze the top 10 wholesale clothing distributors that can be your potential business partner:

  1. Shewin Wholesale

A massive inventory brimming with 6400 plus trendy women’s apparel items of distinct variety, and sizes is what Shewin Wholesale brings to the table. Fully-fledged with services such as drop-shipping, and customization, Shewin is an outstanding wholesale clothing distributor.

Headquarters located at the Silk Road of China, the suppliers have their own factory of 5000 square meters. They partner with 100 other reliable manufacturers and offer quality budget-friendly fashion for boutiques to scale. You extensively fill your inventory with their wholesale boho clothing, dresses, outwear, sweaters and accessories.

Here are other essential details:

  • MOQ of $39
  • Free drop-shipping program
  • Shopify API provided
  • Rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot
  • 7-10 business days shipping with express
  1. Bloom Wholesale

US-based brand Bloom Wholesale is one of the top boutique wholesale distributors! They source their products mostly from USA suppliers and offer trendy design, significantly emphasizing on fashion industry. With products available in every category and sizes, Bloom Wholesale has affordable prices

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Other essential details include:

  • No MOQ
  • Helpful customer support
  • Drop-shipping services available
  • Charges $9.95 for shipping under $800 orders
  1. BrandsGateway

Operating on a whole different basis, BrandsGateway is a trendy wholesale clothing distributors started in 2017. Ever since the distributors have emerged to be a major platform for accessing branded clothes from over 100 brands.

Almost all designer brands are listened to with BrandsGateway which you can gain access to for selling. Gucci, Versace, and Jimmy Choo are a few examples of the clothing distributors BrandsGateway can connect you with. BrandsGateway lets you choose from 90 categories of fashion and 20,000+ products.

Other insights include:

  • Requires $1200 MOQ
  • High-Margin on sales
  • 5-7 days shipping time for orders outside the EU
  • Integration available with Shopify, eBay, Amazon and more
  • Costly for doing wholesale and dropshipping
  1. LAShowroom

An all-in-one destination for fulfilling all your fashion needs, LAShowroom is a wholesale bulk clothing distributor’s showroom. On their platform, trendsetting fashion is available for Kids, men, and women in numerous categories. Through LAShowroom you can place orders with multiple verified vendors.

Additional information on LAShowroom:

  • MOQ vary depending on the distributors
  • Free shipping with few distributes
  • Phenomenal deals and rewards are offered
  • Shipping and registration can take time
  1. CCWholesale

In services since, 2009 CCWholesale is one of the prominent US-based apparel wholesale distributors! Sourcing fashion from local manufacturers, CCWholesale have affordable prices due to their strategic buying. A high-quality range of fashion from accessories, dresses tops, to bottoms is available at CCWholesale.

Other insights are:

  • No MOQ required
  • Drop-shipping is possible
  • Add new items to inventory every week
  • Up to 3 weeks can be required for international shipping
  1. FashionTIY

Orating from the US FashionTIY is a top-tier boutique wholesale distributors with warehouses in China and India. Shipping over 200 countries, they have an alluring range of fashion as well as beauty and home decor products which you can purchase.

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Additional details about FashionTIY:

  • Varying MOQ on each item
  • Prices are affordable
  • Dropshipping services are available both paid and free
  • Refund possibility within 7 days of an item sold
  • Shipping takes around 3–6 days
  1. FashionGo

Running since 2002 FashionGo is one of the seasoned wholesale bulk clothing distributors! With clothing available for every age group and size, FashionGo is an enormous marketplace. Enabling buyers to get competitive prices, the platform has thousands of apparel wholesale distributors with 3 million items to buy from.

Other details regarding FashionGo include:

  • MOQ depends on the distributors
  • Offer analytic tools for discovering potential products
  • Personalized customer support is available
  • Cost-free dropshipping program available
  1. Faire

Faire is a gigantic marketplace not only for wholesale clothing distributors but for other categories of products too. Their platform has 100,000 independent brands from whom you can source unique products. US-based marketplace Faire offers beneficial services such as the 60-day pay later option and free returns on opening orders.

Further details include:

  • MOQ vary on boutique wholesale distributors
  • Useful customer support
  • Offer marketing tools
  • Faire has limited international shipping
  1. Sugarlips Wholesale

An exclusive website for wholesale bulk clothing distributors, Sugarlips has members-only services. This eliminates the competition and allows members to enjoy low pricing while getting high-quality items. Sugarlips has a vast array of elegant appeal from which you can conveniently select your store’s products.

Here are additional details:

  • MOQ is considered to be high
  • Registration can be lengthy
  • Ease of returns and exchange
  • Creating a unique brand is not possible
  1. Wholesale Fashion Square

Founded in 2006 Wholesale Fashion Square (WFS) is a renowned affordable trendy wholesale clothing distributor. WFS marketplace is full of the latest fashion, which they source from local manufacturers in Los Angeles. There is no MOQ, instead, you have to buy a specific quantity of each item

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Further insights on WFS:

  • Shipping is limited to some regions
  • Wide range of premium clothes available
  • Discounts are made available for buyers

Final Verdict

Concluding the list of top 10 boutique wholesale distributors, it is solely your call to make on choosing a supplier amongst them. For some, Shewin can be a phenomenal distributor for its handful of services, for others, BrandsGateway might be better! Based on your store’s niche, you can carry forward your selection of ideal clothing distributors.

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