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Not Looking for A Traditional Relationship? Here Are Your Options



Traditional Relationship

In a relationship, you may naturally assume that you will be spending nearly every waking moment together, going out on dates, having a good relationship, and of course, creating future plans which could lead to marriage and kids – well that is what we are told is “normal”. However, this is not always how it works in real life.

Whilst some of us are very lucky to have found our soulmates, others may have decided to find love through less traditional methods. If you are currently looking for your sweetheart, why not consider one of these different couplings? You may find that they suit you more than just a simply monogamous relationship.


Polyamorous Relationships

Just imagine finding a relationship where you are completely free to explore as many romantic partners as you want. You can date people of the same gender, meet people at the bar and take them home without judgment. If you are intrigued by this, then the idea of a Polyamorous relationship may be just the sort of thing you have been looking for.

A polyamorous relationship presents the opportunity to meet several new people and get to know them. A polyamorous affair is a truly passionate one where you can not only receive a new lover but a friend and support line if you are ever in trouble. In addition to this, if you are not prone to jealousy, then you may even be able to fulfill several dirtier fantasies and raise your self-esteem and confidence. No longer do you have to be dependent on a certain person, but instead seek advice and guidance from a whole range of people.

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Whilst Polyamorous relationships can be extremely fulfilling, please keep in mind that they can be quite difficult to maintain. If you have multiple relationships at a time, say 4 or 5, you may struggle to organise your schedule to satisfy all the needs of your different partners. Worse still, if they start to feel neglected then you may find yourself falling into a toxic relationship. So be sure to only have as many partners as you are comfortable with balancing. Be sure to take their feelings into account when it comes to how they are feeling about your other relationships.

Paid Relationships

Whilst romantic relationships may work for some people, for others, it can be more of a burden than a pleasure. Everyone yearns for the company of others, but not at the expense of their emotional health or time. Some men solely want a good relationship with a woman because of their busy work schedules and professional commitments, whilst others may not have the confidence needed to return to the dating scene, due to a nasty divorce or toxic relationship.

This is where the idea of forming a ‘work-relationship’ with a girl can provide a fantastic time, without having to form an emotional relationship with someone who you may hurt in the future, due to any romantic indifference.

Initially, you may feel a little shocked at the idea of the suggestion of hiring an escort. An escort is not a prostitute. An escort is a companion who will spend time in your company in exchange for money. London Deluxe, a reputable agency in London who has years of experience helping businessmen meet with escorts in the city, has stated that “busy gentlemen love meeting models in their free time off work. The zero-judgment service is perfect for men who don’t have time to create relationships outside of their careers.”

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Open Relationships

If you are looking to have one primary partner but still see other people, then you may want to also consider whether an Open Relationship may suit your lifestyle. There can be nothing better than finding a partner who you ultimately trust and feel safe around. However, you may find that after a while you may get frustrated and may want to meet new people. If you do not want your relationship to die, then opening it up and making it a “non-monogamous” relationship could potentially make it stronger.

If you have no secrets about who you sleep with, then this could open up the communication between you and your partner. For instance, if you talk to your partner about your boundaries, who you are spending time with, and why, then this shows that you have respect for your partner and want them to still be involved in your life. If your partner has a lesser fun driver than you, this can also take the pressure off them to perform. Instead, you can simply indulge in a happy romantic relationship and keep your flame burning through romantic meals and dates out to the best entertainment areas in your town.

Keep in mind that if you intend to have an open relationship, you must be entirely honest with your partner about it. If your partner does not approve of it or is left feeling uncomfortable or jealous of your encounters, this is a sign that an open relationship is not helping you or your partner.

Friends with Benefits

Forming a better relationship with one of your friends can be a liberating experience, as it can allow you the opportunity to indulge in some extreme fun with someone you have a connection with, but also cut out any of the romantic ties that are usually associated with a relationship. However, keep in mind that “Friends with Benefits” (FWB) does require a lot more emotional commitment to keep both partners, whether men or women, happy with the arrangement.

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A Friends with Benefits relationship is meant to involve no emotional attachment from both parties. If someone does catch feels, which does happen, be sure to let them down extremely gently. If you want to avoid this happening altogether, be sure to make your feelings known to them before you become intimate with them. This should reduce the chance of an issue arising.

Overall, FWB is a fantastic way of expressing your feelings for a special friend. Whether you both just need a hook-up or you want to show how strong your level of trust is, your best friend may soon also be your greatest confidant emotionally.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, a relationship is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Whilst your own relationship status may not be a traditionally monogamous one, you still need to have the confidence and respect for both you and your partner/s to know what you want. It is perfectly reasonable to experiment with your intimate relationship but remember to be considerate and keep your partners aware of your experimentation. The last thing you would want to do is hurt them. The more relationships you try out, the more likely you will find one that fits your lifestyle and endorses your feelings of happiness and romantic contentment.

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