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Tree Pod Burial: A New and Revolutionary Way to Give Back to the Environment and Pay your Respects



Tree Pod Burial


Funeral Arrangements in a Tree Pod

Funeral arrangements in a tree pod are a relatively new concept, which aims to give funerals a more natural and environmentally-friendly feel.

In addition to being eco-friendly, they also allow the family and friends to be closer to the body of the deceased.

The pods are typically made of compressed wood material and are constructed with no nails or screws. It is designed in such a way that it can be set up in various locations, which can make it easier for these services to be provided at home or in nature.

The Benefits of a Tree Pod Burial

A tree pod burial involves placing a deceased body in a biodegradable and recyclable container and lowering it into the ground, often with a tree or other vegetation.

Many people associate funerals with sadness and loss. Some say that the beauty of the surroundings can help to distract people from those thoughts, as well as provide an opportunity for those who may not be familiar with grieving rituals to take part.

The tree pod burial is very different from traditional burials because it puts nature at the center of the funeral experience instead of focusing on religion or tradition. It also provides a more environmentally-friendly option than cremation which releases carbon dioxide and mercury into the atmosphere.

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Choosing the Right Tree for Your Customized Tree Pod

There are many different types of trees that you can choose from for your customized Tree Pod. As a result, it is important to consider what type of environment you want your tree pod to be in, as well as the type of plant life that will thrive there.

Tree Pods for Bodies? Yes, It’s Possible!

Tree pods are a “green” and eco-friendly solution to the lack of housing in major cities. It is an innovative and appealing way to house more people in less space.

Currently, there are Tree Pods that offer 12 square meters of living space and can fit up to three people. These units can be stacked on top of each other or used as standalone units for individual families. There are also Tree Pods that provide 30 square meters of living space and fit up to five people, but these larger units cost more because they take longer to build.

The Benefits of Tree Pods for Memorialization and Cremation

The Tree Pod is the perfect memorialization and cremation option for those who love nature.

The Tree Pod was invented in 2008 by a woman who lost her son to cancer. She wanted to create a more natural way of memorializing loved ones that had passed on, so she created this project, which has now become a company.

The Tree Pods are made from recycled materials and do not use any wood from endangered trees. They also come with biodegradable liners that will release any remains into the ground over time, leaving nothing behind but memories.

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Is Tree Pod Burial Legit?

The tree pods are buried in the ground and filled with soil around them. There is no casket or coffin involved in this type of burial. Instead, the body is wrapped with fabric and placed in a biodegradable pod made from cardboard and paper pulp before being buried in the ground.

The tree pods will decompose over time and offer nutrients back into the ground that will return to future trees growing there or nearby – it’s a natural cycle that benefits everyone!

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