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How To Choose The Right Stomach Sleeper Pillow



Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Do you like to sleep on your belly?  If that’s the case, you’re one of the 16% of adult individuals who are stomach sleepers. Although they may not account for the larger part of the population, they certainly have their own needs for a good night’s sleep.


Sleeping On Your Stomach

Several health professionals warn against sleeping on one’s stomach. This is because it puts individuals at risk of severe discomfort and strain in their necks and shoulders. However, it can be enjoyable for some people.

Therefore, these individuals should pay close attention to their bedding choices to guarantee a safe and comfortable sleep. If you rest on your belly every night, you probably know how tough it is to get the proper pillow that’d ensure comfort. Finding a pillow might be challenging since the majority of products are made considering the other sleeping positions.

How To Pick The Right Pillow

Due to their specific resting position, stomach sleepers have unique needs. If you want to sleep cozily, you’ll have to find a stomach sleeper pillow that’s designed for your specific needs. You can check the following video and continue reading to know the ways of picking the right pillow:

  • Consider The Loft

The loft is likely the most critical factor to consider when selecting a pillow. It’s usually grouped into three types: low, medium, and high. Stomach sleepers require a cushion with a low to medium loft of two to three inches thick to ensure a balanced spine position.

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Your neck will be arched forward, and your entire form would be unbalanced if the loft is a little too thick. Keep in mind that the pillow must assist your spine’s inherent inclination.

Nevertheless, sleeping posture is simply one of several aspects to consider in picking the ideal loft. The person’s weight, head circumference, shoulder breadth, as well as softness of their bed are all factors to consider.

A memory foam pillow is an ergonomic pillow that’s shaped to be a perfect fit just for you. Check out ergonomic bamboo pillow for the comfort of your head.

  • Examine Moldability And Support

Moldability pertains to a pillow’s flexibility to be compressed or molded to support a variety of head and neck orientations. This is essential for stomach sleepers, especially those who struggle to find a comfortable position and often reposition their pillows throughout their sleep.

Pillows with medium-firm support may offer a comfy cushion against your mattress and might also prevent your head from being tilted excessively. The harder the cushion, the more chance your neck will be displaced from its natural position.

A pillow that doesn’t support your head and neck properly can create tension in your neck muscles. Memory Foam Pillows provide your neck with support.

  • Check The Material

pillow materials

Pillows may be packed full of a variety of different materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few options for pillow materials:

  • Microbeads

Microbead pillows make use of little beads similar to those found in beanbags to create a solid pillow. The components being used may be organic, such as buckwheat hulls, or synthetic, such as microfoam.

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Often, these pillows have a pocket that allows users to add or take ‘beads’ to achieve the desired firmness. Additionally, because the material within isn’t firm, this type of pillow promotes breathability. Air circulates freely through the beads within, preventing the top from overheating.

  • Memory Foam

Many stomach sleepers like memory foam pillows because they retain their form well and give the ideal combination of firmness and support. There are also two kinds of memory foam pillows. Some individuals may prefer a shredded-core type over the more common solid core. The shredded core pillow adapts to the shape of the face, while the latter has a firmer structure.

  • Fiber

Fiber conforms to the shape of the head, which might cause a smothering sensation for anyone whose face is crushed against the pillow. While you can plump up the pillow into the desired form, it’ll not retain that form during your sleep. If you choose to get this type of pillow, be certain it’s made exclusively for stomach sleepers.

  • Liquid-Filled

This kind of pillow has water or gel-filled core. The majority of liquid-filled pillows enable you to modify the amount of liquid contained inside. Additionally, they retain their form effectively, allowing you to set the pillow correctly and avoid waking up in the wee hours to reposition it.

  • Consider Temperature

If you get slightly hot when you sleep, consider a pillow that has some type of cooling system. This might be a particular filling substance or the pattern of the pillow’s covering. There are several pillows available that advertise their cooling properties, so you should explore those alternatives if the temperature is a concern.

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It’s critical to get a pillow that has reasonably medium-firm support and not thicker than three inches. Less could be more for stomach sleepers. You may also discover that even the most ideal cushion only lifts the head about two inches. Stomach sleeper pillows are also available in a variety of materials and features.

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