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Turning Your Farm into a Charming Destination for Visitors



Turning Your Farm

When you are in the farming sector, you form the backbone of the food industry. You are providing so many with crucial crops and livestock that help families stay fed. Many farms have the ability to sell directly to consumers with farm stands, stores, and open fields for picking right on their properties rather than just selling products to grocery stores or other businesses. Marketing your products to consumers is an important part of drawing people in to make sales.

One aspect of marketing is how your property looks. When you sell directly to consumers via a farm stand, store, or self-picking field, then the aesthetics of the land and buildings become an important draw. After all, you want locals who drive by to see your facilities and feel compelled to stop in and see your delicious products.  

So how can you turn your farm into a more charming destination that draws customers in and boosts sales? Here are a few ideas for cosmetic changes that you can make.


Fresh Paint for the Buildings

Barns and other farm buildings can invoke a feeling of comfort while still remaining rustic, a feeling that visitors will find enticing when they explore your property. But if these structures look faded or unkempt, it could be the difference between a customer deciding to pull into the driveway or continue on the road. One simple change to make the buildings look a little cleaner and more attractive is to add a fresh coat of paint where it has begun to fade. This injection of color can bring additional life to the property while still retaining that rustic atmosphere.

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Helpful Signage

People need very specific directions sometimes. For a farm that has a vast property with lots of buildings, you will need a decent amount of signage to direct people to the right places. You don’t want someone to end up in an area filled with fertilizer when they are looking for a general store or a field to pick strawberries in. If you are looking for a more charming option, wooden engraved signs are the perfect way to direct visitors where they need to go in an aesthetically pleasing way. People need to know which building to park near, what driveway to enter and exit, where the farm stand is, business hours, and more information that is helpful for customers to know where they are going.

New Fencing

Fences are a great aesthetic feature that can also serve a function. They can keep people out of areas where they shouldn’t go, keep livestock in, and make for a charming border on your property. Installing a new fence is not always simple, and you may need to rent or buy a skid steer post-pounder to make the job easier. The goal is to have sturdy, evenly spaced posts that do not split as they are pushed into the ground, making the feature more attractive. Painting the fence white is a great option to boost the amount of charm that it offers, and this element will level up the overall appearance of your property.

Outdoor Community Spaces

When customers come to your farm property to purchase your products, they often like to make an experience of it, especially if they have young children. After spending time out in the fields picking their own blueberries, it can be fun for them to sit down and enjoy a snack or some time to connect on your property. A nice patio with some picnic benches, a pergola, and maybe some yard games could be the perfect addition to the experience that visitors can have. By designing a space that encourages customers to stay longer, you could entice them to return again and again while also drawing in new visitors. There are lots of ways to focus your outdoor space on attracting customers to your farm property, so take advantage of these ideas to boost your sales and enhance the farm experience.

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Natural Landscaping

Farms evoke the idea of living off the land. You can further support this theme with natural landscaping features that highlight the property, especially for people who walk or drive by. Adding natural rock formations, plants that are native to the area, or an artificial fountain or stream that is incorporated into the natural landscape are beautiful features that will help your visitors get in touch with nature. Plus, it will add a level of charm to the property that draws new customers in.

How Will You Boost the Property’s Charm?

Making the trip to a nearby farm to pick your own fruits, visit the stand for fresh produce, or hit up a store can be more than just a shopping venture. With your decoration choices, you can create a fuller experience on the farm for your visitors, turning them into repeat customers who want to come back every season. Update your property with charming, aesthetic features to turn it into a destination for both local and out-of-town visitors.

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