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5 Types of L Shape Sofa Designs Perfect For Any Small Living Room



L Shape Sofa Designs

Choosing living room furniture for small rooms can be a challenging task. May it be a chair, a coffee table, a side table, or a sofa set for the living room, one needs to think twice before investing in any type of furniture when the space doesn’t accommodate bulky, large pieces. That doesn’t mean those living rooms should not have furniture or will always look cluttered if the furniture is bought.

To make it easier for you, here are 5 types of L shape sofa that are perfect for small living rooms:


The best gift to give a small living room is an L shape sofa cum bed. While the chaise is not foldable, the body of the remaining sofa is flexible and foldable. The flexibility depends on the sofa you choose – from a normal-size bed to a king-size bed, every option is available.

The next three L-shaped sofa styles are based on their style of seating:

  • Left Hand Chaise

As the name suggests, this sectional sofa comes with a chaise on the left side. This is one of the most popular L-shaped sofas as they look spacious yet space-efficient. Left-hand chaise hence can be your go-to choice when buying a sofa.

  • Right Hand Chaise

Opposite the left-hand chaise is a right-hand chaise l-shaped sofa. Bringing home this sofa hugely depends on other factors like corners of the wall, staircase, and other obstacles. Measuring the space and then placing an L-shaped sofa in the available area makes this a perfect choice for homes that have multiple hindrances in the living room.

  • Corner Sofa

A corner or a sectional sofa is designed to fit perfectly into the corner of a small room. This seating arrangement comes in various configurations to offer users both versatility and flexibility to match a small living room’s layout. The best part about corner sofas is that they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes making it easier to find a piece that your room accommodates well.

  • Leather or Fabric L-shape Sofas

If you are looking to design a small room in a luxurious way, small L-shaped leather sofas would do the job. On the contrary, if you want the room to look breezy and warm, you can pick the fabric sofas. Both the designs come with their own features and unique set of benefits like the way they make one feel comfortable while working or lazing around. Depending on the requirement, the choice is totally yours.

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Last but not the least, when choosing an L shape sofa set for a small living room, it’s important to consider the three below-mentioned factors:

i) Availability of space
ii) Personal style and preference
iii) Overall decor of your house

Rest assured, if you bring home the right L-shaped sofa, you can easily create a functional living room that is perfect to unwind after a long day, regardless of its size and the space it offers.

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