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5 Furniture Varieties You Must Try for a Home Upgrade



Furniture Varieties

Improving your home atmosphere isn’t only for exhibiting opulence; it could also mean creating a place you love returning to or one where you can truly relax.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend 93% of their life indoors. So what better way to enjoy your home than decorating it, however, feels best for you?

Dig into the interior designs we prepared for you and get inspired!


Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic Interior Design

To define this style first: Eclectic design is a style of interior design that can be expressed as a mix between different patterns, decorations, motifs, and materials. Thus this style becomes a unique maximalist aesthetic.

Putting it simply, the eclectic style represents a vibrant collection of pieces that form a culture-rich interior space. The culture here does not mean a specific world culture but more of a personal culture developed in time through various objects and experiences.

As for its characteristics, they can be explained as follows:

  • Blending different patterns, materials, and textures is the core part of eclectic design.
  • Melding newer design styles with traditional ones is a perfect example of eclecticism.
  • Although it may look like a mess, it is a carefully curated, organized mess. Eclecticism thrives in combinations of pieces that ordinarily don’t work together.

Origins and Examples

Although the term “eclectic” comes from the greek term “eklektikos,” which roughly translates to “selective,” the origins of this design style take us to Paris.

In the late nineteenth century, the École des Beaux-Arts became renowned for its multicultural decorative arts program, where people from all over the world had a chance to collaborate and create new types of decorations.

For example, an eclectic interior decoration might include a salmon shell sofa, an asymmetric coffee table, and an Emporio armchair.

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A good show and tell develops within this article.

Biophilic Interiors

Biophilic Interiors

According to Merriam-Webster, biophilic means “relating to, showing, or being the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other life forms in nature.” This is all true for both biophilic architecture and interior design.

In 2021 biophilic design has been regarded as one of the most important interior design trends, and since then, it has taken over the market more and more. This trend does remarkably well for us, as it improves our overall connection with nature, our focus, and our mental health.

Our evolutionary need to be close to nature hasn’t changed, it didn’t have enough time to. This being said, biophilic interiors could represent the way technology and nature combine to allow us to have a better life both inside our houses and outside with the help of biophilic architecture.


If we take a closer look at the definition of biophilic, we may be able to define a few indicators of this design:

  • Improve the natural light in your home. This creates a more natural atmosphere in your house and improves the sense of well-being and quality of life.
  • Adopt green color schemes or bring in natural plants. This study found that just looking at or being surrounded by the color green reduces heart rate.
  • Natural shapes are your best friend. Aside from embracing the shapes of your body, you should also accept nature’s shapes. Spherical or circular shapes, or the ones that imitate the natural movement of things in nature (like water) can improve your mood and please your eyes.

Celestial Decor

Celestial Decor

The Celestial styles are based on, as the name suggests, celestial bodies. This is an exciting approach to materials and shapes, as it borrows textures like bronze, slick iron, gold (or golden materials), wood, leather, and more.

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For lighting, a play of light and dark is always welcome. Astronomical lights, diffuse lights inspired by stars, galaxies, and nebulas are a great way to illuminate a Celestial style interior design.

Retro and Space Age furniture are back from the mid-twentieth century to make up our own universes, our homes.

A Trend Spread through Astronomy

The celestial designs are, of course, inspired by Astronomy and Astrology. Astronomy is not only studying space but taking samples of other planets, analyzing celestial movements, and unveiling mysteries.

Astrology is all about interpreting. Therefore, a material taken from outer space with the help of Astronomy might be interpreted spiritually by Astrology. Or, synonym materials can be taken from Earth, refined, and imbued with the influence of other planets.

Such items are iron, various crystals, silver, gold, copper, and many others.

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Casino-themed Items

Casino-themed Items

Like any other style that has been in the business for long enough, the casino design has seen many faces, shapes, and colors. The colors red, green, and golden have served their purpose as incentives for action for many decades.

Now, even the classic casinos are trying to spruce it up and offer new color schemes, new shapes for furniture, and even new ways to play casino games. Roulettes, for example, have gathered diverse strategies in time, which users try to apply with the help of comprehensive expert explanations.

Regarding the general style the casinos go for, you only need to remember the following words: opulence, desire, and indulgence.

How to Design a Casino Room

  • As mentioned before, a classic color scheme of casinos is composed of red, green, golden, and a bit of black. You can safely use those for the floor, drapes, walls, and chairs.
  • The next crucial point is to show off the entertainment. Games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and more have to be present to offer an authentic casino vibe.
  • Placing a bar is the next step if you want your casino room to be accurate. It doesn’t have to be fancy and huge, so a cabinet with a mini-bar next to it should do the trick.
  • If the room is quite extensive, then consider placing room dividers. Casinos are labyrinthine and have low ceilings to emphasize games and prizes, hoping to keep you there as long as possible.
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Ethereal Home

Ethereal Home

The ethereal designs may have inspired the fairy movies the children love, but that doesn’t mean grown-ups don’t have access to a piece of this heaven. If calming and serene rooms are what you need, the ethereal style is perfect for you.

The word ethereal literally means “extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.” In this context, ethereal furniture gives off an angelic and almost fragile impression. However, the structure of the objects needs to be as sturdy as any other furniture design.

When trying to picture what an ethereal object might look like, you can imagine a puffy cloud suspended between different levels of air thickness and circulated by a diffuse and warm light.

Examples of Etheric Furniture

  • ‘Echo Table’ of Glass by Debra Folz Design Studio
  • Stylish Plastic Illuminated Table by Han Koning
  • Cloudy Lamp of Gradient Glass by Mathieu Lehanneur
  • Really Soft Chair ‘Snöbär’ by Yonder Magnetik!
  • Wonderful Blow Shelving by YOY
  • Hadron Lamp with Electroluminescent Wire Inside by Joe Doucet
  • “Farming-Net Collection” of Lamps, Vases, and Tables by Nendo

It’s never too late!

Although the examples above on ethereal design are either unique pieces or pricy designs, any of these styles can be created using a smaller budget.

Creating DIY furniture projects for your home will bring you greater satisfaction when relaxing there or simply entering the room.

Don’t give up on your aesthetic dreams!

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