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How A Visual Facilitator Helps Business Teams Reach Their Goals



Graphic Facilitation

Communication is arguably the one core trait that makes us human, we are driven to do it from birth and continue to attempt to do so successfully throughout our lives. There are many ways to accomplish communication, while verbal is the first that springs to mind, one must also add writing, reading, and art as visual means of reaching out to each other to express oneself. Lately, the visual angle has gained a new prominence thanks to the development of graphic, or visual facilitation, the use of visual tools like words and drawings by a visual facilitator to inspire teams of business people to think more creatively and collaboratively.

This strategy has seen great success, so much so that visual facilitation training is now available for those who feel they have the skills and knack to fill that role as a career choice. Let’s now examine what a visual facilitator’s skill sets are, and what implementing visual facilitation involves.

Strategy In Real Time – Visual facilitation involves visually capturing information on the chosen topic as it is discussed, then steering the discussion by reflecting that information to the participants by asking relevant questions to move the conversation forward in positive ways. Visual facilitators can recognize key insights, identify gaps in understanding, and work toward exploring them further through the course of the conversation to come up with better strategies to solve the problems being examined. The visual facilitator can recognize when a topic should undergo further examination, even if it requires a revision of the meeting’s stated agenda in real time. This level of aptitude can be gained through acquiring extensive experience in brainstorming, ideation, and strategizing sessions, which help ensure the meeting will secure its goals successfully.

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Designing The Agenda – A visual facilitator’s success depends on designing a tailored, nuanced agenda that is collaborated on with the client to make the time spent in the discussion count. The client’s objectives and needs are at the forefront of this effort, so a thorough understanding of those must be maintained by the visual facilitator, even as they shift from meeting to meeting, the art and graphics they use can be reused when needed, but fresh visuals are always going to be in demand. Understanding and anticipating how the topics will flow into the following while maintaining the attention and participation of all the participants is essential to success. The visual facilitator provides a graphic road map that participants can refer to, and add to as the discussion and the solutions it is striving for continue to evolve.

The Australian Government’s Business Department has great information on staff development and training. The world of business is constantly transforming so it is incumbent on those involved in it to keep their fingers on the pulse of all the many new and exciting techniques being developed to promote and sell their goods and services in the complex and thriving 21st century global marketplace. Visualizing a successful future makes it happen!

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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