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All About 424 Area Code – Phone Guide



424 Area Code

Do you want to know what a 424 area phone is and why this 423 area code is unique and essential? What’s the reason behind its popularity and people’s curiosity? When you hear about the 4 2 4 area code, these central questions come to mind. Well, 424 area code is a unique and vital area code that is considered & known for serving the many areas of Los Angeles County. In this, area code 424 covers different cities and towns of Los Angeles that include the inglewood, Santa Monica, most of the beach, and more. While building up the 424 area code as the symbolic figure for the Los Angeles county  In the article later on we are going to discuss all about this phone 424 area code . So without any delay. let’s explore

You will be wondering around to explore what precisely this phone 424 area code is. So, in the following section, we are going to discuss all about the area code 424 location that you must be wondering for..

What Is the 424 Area Code?

The phone 424 code or area code 424 is mainly in the California-based area code that covers the west Los Angeles county areas. These areas include the Culver City to Beverly Hills and Santa Catalina islands. Area code 424 covers a vast area, and it’s considered to be highly important. It was initiated in 2006 when it was plated from the 310 area code. The split of the area code was done to bring ease and accessibility into the telecommunication department, accommodating the growth of telecommunication services.

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As far as area code 424 is concerned, if you are wandering around to find a new phone with an area code 424. It may be a difficult challenge for you. The 424 area code is difficult to get because recently, the Nanban not the American authority of numbering plan and administration has passed out the public release mentioning that there are only 609 numbers of 4 to 4 area codes remaining in the whole state this is an element situation as now that amount for the four to³-year code is increasing yet the supply of the area code is decreasing and it’s pretty challenging for anyone to get.

After understanding what precisely this 4 24 area code is, you might ask how to get the area code 424 in your phone number. So we are going to discuss it.

How You Can Get The Phone Number With The Area Code 424?

If you want to get a phone with the area code 424, then only the community phone is the right choice for you. You need to sign up on the community phone website to get it. While, if you are wondering and want to know the step-by-step guide. Below, we have mentioned step by step guide on how to get the phone number with area code 424

  • Open your browser. It can be any whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, chrome, or any other.
  • Search for the community phone website and click on it.
  • You will find a sign-up option once you have opened the website. Click on it
  • Submit all your relevant details that it asks for signing up on to the website
  • Once you finish the sign-it, it’s time to open up your portal on the community phone website.
  • Now select your area code for the new phone number from the community website. It can be any, whether you want the 424 area code or the 310 area code.
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Note: With the community phone, you can also get a chance to pick a unique and easy to memorized phone number that you can share easily with your friends and family.

Perks of getting 424 area code phone number from community phone

There are a variety of positive perks that you can get by subscribing to the area code 424 phone number from the community phone portal.

  • The very first perk of using a community phone is that it is fast and easy to process
  • The customer service of the community web is 24/7, and the staff of customer service is available all the time to answer the questions and the queries of the customers about account settings or selecting the correct number for themselves.
  • The community phone also provides call forwarding services aiming to access the customers and manage their incoming calls at the right desired location.
  • The cost of the community phone is quite reasonable and competitive with no hidden charges.

So now you have got an idea of how to sign up for the 424 phone number. Now, you will be asking for the 424 code area location. So in the following section, We are going to discuss it. Let’s find it out!

Where Is Area Code 424 Located?

The 424 area code location is mainly based in California, west Los Angeles. The area code has significant importance as it covers a vast area of West Los Angeles locations such as Beverly Hills, inglewood, Santa Monica, and more of the areas in West Los Angeles. The exciting part is that it also includes the part and areas of san Fernando valleys along with the san Gabriel valleys. While if you are in an area of center Catalina island, or the Audi Orange county then the code is also valid for you as well.

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Importance Of 424 Area Code

You now have an idea of the 424 area code locations, and might be wandering around to understand the importance of this code and why it is so popular among the people right now. The fundamental reason for its popularity is fame. The 424 code is considered a symbol of modern culture and reaches Southern California, Los Angeles. Many businesses think that the 424 area code phone number as a luxury zip code vision. While many of the iconic famous Hollywood celebrities have also phone numbers starting from area 424. These iconic areas in west of Los Angeles include the Sunset Stripe Rodeo Drive and more.

These are not only the ideal destination that can keep you away from the busy lives  of the city, but are also considered a luxurious lifestyle, and this area is also considered a celebrity in the stars’ favor.

Thus, for all these reasons, the 424 area code is popular among many people, and people prioritize this area code over any other.

List Of Major Cities That Includes The Code 424

The area code 424 is mainly based in California and covers 29 cities in The Los Angeles West region. Below, we have mentioned the whole list of 29 states that have a facility of 4 24 area code

  1. Agoura Hills
  2. Avalon
  3. Beverly Hills
  4. Burbank
  5. Carson
  6. El Segundo
  7. Gardena
  8. Hawthorne
  9. Hermosa Beach
  10. Inglewood
  11. Lawndale
  12. Lomita
  13. Long Beach (Part)
  14. Los Angeles (Part)
  15. Manhattan Beach
  16. Malibu
  17. Palos Verdes Estates
  18. Rancho Palos Verdes
  19. Redondo Beach
  20. Rolling Hills
  21. Rolling Hills Estates
  22. Santa Catalina Island
  23. Santa Monica
  24. Torrance
  25. West Hollywood
  26. Westlake Village
  27. Culver City
  28. Inglewood
  29. La Mirada


We have discussed all the significant things about 424 area codes. So if you are wandering around for an area code 424 phone number, then you might find difficulty in getting such a number as these code numbers are highly in demand and have fewer numbers.

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