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5 Professional Ways To Do Eyebrow Threading: No 4. Is Surprising



Eyebrow Threading

You need to know that threading eyebrows helps enhance the beauty of your face. So, whenever it comes to threading eyebrows, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the age-old brow shaping technique or some contemporary technique? You’d be surprised to know the prior technique of shaping eyebrows is exceptionally effective in both result and price.

Shaping eyebrows with age-old techniques can sometimes provide a little pain. But with an efficient aftercare routine, the pain doesn’t remain prolonged. It would be best to shape your brows as almost your entire face remains covered with masks in public areas.

Since your eyes are the only visible parts of a public presentation, you need to care. Besides eyebrows, you need to abide by a regular eye care routine. So with proper threading and eye care routines, the beauty of your face will intensify.


5 Professional Ways to Do Eyebrow Threading

If you have second thoughts about going to the parlour for a simple eyebrow threading, you’re in the right place. Today, in this article, we will be discussing five professional ways for eyebrow threading. Let’s check them out.

1. Assemble All the Requisite Supplies for Threading

For threading your eyebrows, you will require durable cotton sewing thread. And so, you will need to take a piece of rope that measures as long as your forearm. You will also need small eyebrow scissors to trim your brows before threading them.

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Next, you will require an eyebrow brush for combing the hair of your brows. Get an eyebrow pencil to draw the desired shape that you want to give your eyebrows. And lastly, you will have to get hold of aloe vera or ice packs to soothe your brows after you thread them.

2. Prepare Your Eyebrows and Get them Ready for Threading

After you have gathered all the necessary supplies for threading, you need to prepare yourself. Firstly, position yourself in front of a mirror to have a clear vision. Then use the eyebrow brush to trim your eyebrows. And finally, draw the shape that suits you best with the eyebrow pencil.

3. Threading Your Eyebrows in a Perfect Way

Now it is time for you to thread your eyebrows. So you will have to take a piece of thread and tie it together, thereby forming a loop. After that, twist the loop four to five times and practice opening one side and closing the other.

You need to position the twisted portion over your eyebrow and close one hand while you open the other. This way, it will put your improper brow shape into size. You can continue doing the same until you successfully remove the rest of the unwanted eyebrow hair.

4. Prepare to Desensitise the Skin

Eyebrow threading is usually pain-free. However, it also depends on the quality of your skin. You can feel a little discomfort after threading if you have excessively thick eyebrow hair. But you can easily overcome this by using desensitising treatment.

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You can apply clove oil on and around your eyebrows. This application not only works as an anti-fungal but also as antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral. It also naturally helps numb the skin area so that you don’t feel any discomfort and pain. We’d suggest you apply this application before you head over to thread your eyebrows.

5. Apply Post Eyebrow Treatment Thoroughly

Sometimes, you might feel a stinging pain around your brows after having your eyebrows threaded. But the situation can be easily smoothed up by instilling post- eyebrow treatment instantly. So once your eyebrows have been threaded, you can quickly apply creams and lotions from your disposal.

Since eyebrow threading picks up certain hair follicles, the pores remain open for some time. And when it comes in contact with dirt and dust particles, the area around your brows stings. So before anything worse can happen to your face, apply lotion to cover them up.

You can also use ice cubes for compressing the area. Besides, you should also know whether or not eyebrow threading acts as a boon or bane. Once you are convinced, it would be better to move ahead.

To Conclude

The ways mentioned above of eyebrow threading are considered professional techniques. So, before you head over to apply this technique, make sure you practice well and master the procedure.

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