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3 Ways To Get Heatless Curls For Summer



Heatless Curls For Summer

Summer is here, and you’re ready to get out in the sun; your outfits are prepared, and your bottomless brunches pre-booked. But the big question is, what are you doing with your hair?

There’s this ongoing love-hate relationship with using heated hair appliances. You love them because they give you beautiful curls, but you hate using them because of the heat damage that it does to your lovely locks.

This is especially true during the summer months when even five minutes under the blow dryer or curling wand can be very harsh on hair that’s already exposed to more heat and direct UV than any other time of the year.

But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dream hairstyle!

You can still get beautiful bouncy, big curls or the perfect beach waves with some random items that you have lying around the house. Whether it’s to help you style your gorgeous hair extensions or you want effortless curls for your natural locks that last all day long.

So here are some heatless styling tips to keep your curls voluminous this summer.

Bathrobe Curls

This heatless hairstyle rose to fame through TikTok and has become a go-to technique for so many. You only need a few things! Firstly a bathrobe belt, hairpins, and some patience.

Pull the bathrobe belt over your head from ear to ear and attach it with a hairpin at the top so it’s secured.

Divide it in the middle, then get a strand of your hair from the top of your head and wrap it around the belt, like you are french braiding your hair. Keep looping it around and pulling more hair each time. Use an elastic band to secure your bathrobe belt once you’ve wrapped all of the hair on that side.

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Then, next to your ear, roll your hair and belt into a bun and fasten it with a hairband. Carry on with the process on the other side. After a night’s sleep, lightly spray with some sea salt or wavy/curl hair product, and you’ll wake up to some lovely curls.

Flexi Rods

For natural hair gals, this is a tried, tested and recommended method. Using Flexi Rods means you effortlessly get bouncy curls that could last up to 4 days when wrapped and protected correctly at night.

The Flexi Rod comes in various lengths and sizes, meaning you can experiment with your curl patterns and looks. Add some of your favourite styling products to your hair and divide off sections to wrap around each Flexi Rod. When your hair is completely dried, you can remove the rods. Feel free to add some hairspray to help keep your curls voluminous all day long.

Hair Rollers

For millennia, hair rollers have been used to produce and create gorgeous bouncy curls. It’s a timeless classic technique that will probably never die out. Get a section of your hair and clip the rest out of the way.

Use a small amount of mousse, comb it through that section, and roll the roller towards your roots. Use a hairpin to hold the roller in place and repeat until your whole head of hair is in rollers. Allow the rollers to set for a couple of hours, then undo them. It is that simple!!

Pre Curled Extensions

Pre curled extensions are an alternative to curling and adding heat to your natural hair; it’s also a major timesaver. Getting those salon-ready looks has never been easier now that the quality of hair extensions far exceeds what they used to be. Especially with industry-leading technology that means the hair extensions themselves, quite literally ‘bounce’ back into shape right after washing, with no heat required!

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If you’re one for clip in hair extensions, you can achieve those perfect, voluminous curls in an instant with high quality clip ins, designed for comfort and to blend seamlessly with your natural tones and hues for unmatched beachy waves!

Simply clip in and go!


Heatless curls are the best option to keep your hair strong and healthy for longer. While we recommend these tips, there are multiple methods and techniques out there for you to experiment with, to find what suits your hair the best. But we guarantee these will save you time, money, and heat damage!

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