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Ways to Overcome Depression using Cannabis



Overcome Depression using Cannabis

Looking at the journey of marijuana in the past few years, it is almost inspiring as to how the plant moved from the term drug to a miracle being called medical marijuana. With literature to support the medicinal benefits of the plant from the past and scientific research to understand its medicinal values happening in the present, this plant is slowly making its way into our everyday lives. The time when we would use cannabis-infused products for our daily needs isn’t too far. And this should be exciting progress as marijuana will be the light of hope for thousands of patients out there suffering from ailments that need better and more efficient treatments.


Mental illness and treatments

The changing lifestyle has influenced our mental health in more ways than we know. Even simple activities in our everyday lives have become difficult, and stress from our professional and personal lives affects our minds and body. Just like physical health, self-care for your mental health is also important. In the past few years, people have been more receptive towards their mental health, and more people are opening up to approach for help and treatments if they feel the need for it. Common mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD are coming to light and encouraging more people to take a bold step forward and have a diagnosis.

Today, medical practitioners suggest various treatment options for individuals suffering from mental health problems. These include counselling, therapy, and medications. While treatment is effective, the time required to witness the changes is higher. Also, therapy may not be relevant for all kinds of cases, especially for chronic mental problems, which means a supplementary medication might become necessary. The downside to these medications is the off-chance of addiction due to abuse. With such cobwebs wound around treatments for mental ailments, marijuana is a compound of hope for thousands out there. The medical-industry, as well as users across the world, are looking forward to utilizing CBD oil benefits for mental ailments.

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mental health problems

Depression and Medical Marijuana benefits for treating individuals

Depression is a diagnosed medical condition that is recognizable from symptoms, such as a feeling of sadness that you can’t shake, lack of interest in activities, stressing, and over evaluating self leading to self-harm, or suicidal thoughts. Depression affects almost 300 million people globally, belonging to various age groups. While this number is huge enough, there are still a lot of people who haven’t been diagnosed for the same, due to social stigma. Marijuana-based treatments promise a natural and safer means of recovering from depression.

The interaction of marijuana with your body and brain makes it a special ingredient capable of delivering lots of benefits to the body. Cannabidiols present in Cannabis, such as THC, and CBD are capable of interacting with the CB receptors of the endocannabinoids system in the body. When you consume the plant, these cannabidiols bind with the receptors to control the chemicals in our body. This interaction helps them secrete a chemical called serotonin, which in turn, causes mood elevation and euphoria. Today Cannabis is slowly becoming a commercial commodity, and high-quality seeds are available for obtaining the best indica strains for health benefits.

Marijuana affects certain special parts of the brain. THC vape starter kits interact with the Amygdala, which is responsible for fear, anxiety, and balancing your emotions. Cannabis also interacts with Neocortex, which handles your decision making and movement, and Necauns Acumens, which rejuvenates your self-confidence through rewards and motivation. In the right dose, the interaction can be beneficial to uplift your mood and remove feeling low and worried.

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Medical Marijuana benefits

Different strains of marijuana have varying effect on the body. Certain strains like the rockstar strain have a higher concentration of CBD, which enables them to interact with the body without causing psychoactive effects. CBD dominant strains are a gift to people suffering from depression as it can elevate your mood, relax your body, and uplift your spirit without disturbing your mental balance. More users and scientists are working on CBD based products such as concentrates and oil to offer a safe treatment option for depression. You can find marijuana online. Dispensaries like Canada marijuana offers a variety of products.

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What does the science say?

Marijuana has been of interest to scientists for decades now. Legalization has opened gates for more research with the increasing availability of the plant. The research around cannabis and its effectiveness to treat depression are still in process. There have been a lot of studies from the past few years that show encouraging results towards a positive clinical trial. Scientists at the University of Buffalo are working on extracting CBD to uplift mood and treat depression. This step will eliminate the need for drug-based treatments and reduce the chances or drug abuse and addiction.

A research conducted in early 2014 is among the few studies that indicate the effectiveness of CBD for depression treatment. It showed the interaction of CBD with the serotonin receptors in the body, which helps balance the emotional state of a person. The same principle is used during therapy to cope with depression symptoms. A study conducted in the same year published in the Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public health indicated the potential for pain management with medical marijuana. Further studies showed that such benefits are applicable for mental trauma or mental pain also.

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A review in 2014 showed that CBD could have antidepressant and antianxiety compounds that might be beneficial for treating depression. Another report in the year 2018 shows the anti-stress and antidepressant effects of CBD on animal models. These benefits are extendable to humans and studies to prove the same is currently under progress. A study conducted in the same year promised the fast-acting antidepressant effects of CBD in users.

Unfolding the complicated relationship between Medical Marijuana and Depression

between Medical Marijuana and Depression

A recent review published in the International Review of Psychiatry is proof of the complicated relationship between Cannabis and depression. Although different studies are taking contrasting sides of the argument concerning cannabis use, the final word is yet to come. Legalization has opened up more access to marijuana for both scientists and users. This step will present more clinical trials as well as user feedback to understand the plant better. More people are looking into cheap marijuana grow room setup how-to article, that will help them grow marijuana for personal use as well. This step will encourage people to try the plant and understand its effects through their journey.

The most critical component of marijuana usage is the dosage and mode of consumption. The plant is still under research, and hence, the exact levels of dosage that can be beneficial are yet to come out. The best advice for marijuana-based treatment would be to consult marijuana doctors who can guide you through an efficient treatment plan. Currently, there are multiple modes of consumption, such as smoking, vape pens, CBD oils, creams, capsules, tinctures. Whether they are vapes, gummies, or even the best cbd drink brands, it is necessary to have a review. Tablets can be the most beneficial way of consuming Cannabis to ensure you achieve the best benefits of the plant. With more interest and studies about this plant, a more structured cannabis-based treatment for depression will be available in the years to come.

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