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4 Reasons Why CBD Cigarettes are Harmless



CBD Cigarettes

Terms like “cigarette” and “smoking” always trigger us into thinking about diseases like Lung cancer, Asthma, Emphysema, and other potential health hazards. While this is not the case when you are dealing with Hemp cigarettes crafted using high-quality raw material such as CBD extracted from Cannabis sativa. The use of natural materials loaded with benefits makes this product harmless and safe for consumption. People with sensitive immune systems need to have negligible or no THC concentration while smoking CBD cigarettes which is ensured only at TIMBR Organics Hemp Smokes.

1) Tobacco is replaced with natural CBD

The effect of any product either edible or of superficial use can be judged by visualizing its composition. The properties of a whole are dependent on its individual components. Similarly, what goes in while manufacturing a CBD cigarette affects the overall performance and impact of this cigarette on health. In CBD cigarettes, as the name implies the main ingredient is not Tobacco but CBD, which is body-friendly and beneficial. Moreover, it is obtained from cruelty-free sources.

2)  Replenishes your Energy

While other cigarettes rip you off your energy, stamina, and focus; a CBD cigarette works opposite. Without giving you that typical feeling called “high” it tends to relax your body, nerves, and muscles. As a result, it helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Low levels of THC make it further suitable for the body and so one can use it without the stress of becoming addicted.

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3)  Relief from Chronic Pain

No one can expect benefits like pain relief from consuming ordinary cigarettes. However, CBD cigarettes provide relaxation and peace for people suffering from mental or physical trauma, fatigue, depression, illness, pain resulting from injuries, aches, etc.

4)  No Addiction, Benefits only

To your surprise, the power to make people addicted to its consumption is very low in Cannabis. If consumed in quantities prescribed by the health experts, it will never cause you inconvenience. Rather; it helps to bring peace and satisfaction without making you feel “high” or “addicted”.

Bonus Tips

Here are some exclusive tips for people who enjoy smoking and are not willing to give up on this:

  • The smoke: If you think that CBD smoke is healthy, well it is not. It is also dangerous and over-use of any cigarette either Tobacco or Cannabis will cause potential harm, in the long run.
  • CBD Dose: The recommended dose of Cannabidiol for a normal healthy person is 10mg. It increases for people with different health issues such as Parkinson’s disease or Cancer. If you are a smoker who uses CBD cigarettes daily, you should never exceed the marked limits.
  • Other Diseases: If you are taking drugs for any other ailment, do not use CBD. It may interfere with the mode of action of those medicines and put a bad impact on your body.

Take Away

We have summed up everything related to the use of CBD cigarettes, so the message of positivity spreads everywhere and helps suffering humanity. If the idea of harmless CBD cigarettes inspires you then learn more.

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