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5 Effective Ways To Stay Safe While Going On Dates



Safe While Going On Dates

Everyone must be careful today when going on dates. I know it sounds a little old-fashioned, but it’s not like what your mom and dad experienced growing up. I bet they didn’t need to worry about the internet or Tinder.

You will still be desperate to date like everyone else, but let’s look at some safety tips you should follow. It could save your life or keep you out of jail, so don’t forget to be on your best behavior when you go out.

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1. Go Home To Your Own House

A criminal sexual charge defence attorney will tell men to go home on their own after a date, which could help them avoid troublesome situations. Women should also go home alone on the first night.

It’s okay to ask someone to visit your home, but it’s risky unless you know them. What if you want to stay out because the date is going well? I’m sure you’ll be able to find another bar/restaurant that’s open.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much Beer

Having a few beers while enjoying a date is fine, but don’t get to the stage where you can’t stand upright. I know some youngsters feel like they need to get drunk before hanging out with love interests, but it will end in disaster.

How will women be able to protect themselves from guys who turn violent? How will men defend themselves if they’re attacked by a drunk in a bar? You should stick to drinking soda on your date if you can’t handle alcohol.

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3. Ask Everyone To Show ID

Do you know the difference between sexual assault and sexual interference? The latter only happens when you do something to someone underage, even if they don’t object. It’s impossible to give consent when you’re that young.

The only way to avoid trouble is to ID every single person you ask on a date. Older guys should stay away from anyone who looks like they’re still in school. It’s not worth destroying your life over one regretful night.

4. Personal Info Is Private

People like to display their entire lives on social media today. Someone was murdered a few days ago because robbers saw they were wearing a fancy chain on social media. Feel free to keep some stuff to yourself.

Someone could track you home using a few pieces of information if the date doesn’t go well. It’s not worth collecting a stalker because you have loose lips. Give out more information once you’ve been on a few dates.

5. Keep People In The Loop

Keeping people in the loop is one of the best things women can do to stay safe. It’s unlikely a crazy person will attempt anything if they can be traced, or they’ll need a criminal sexual charge defense attorney fast.

Your family/friends will be able to send you a couple of messages during the date. It will keep everyone on their best behavior. You can even ask them to call the restaurant if they don’t hear from you.

The World Is A Scary Place

If you look at the front page of the newspaper, you’ll know the world is a scary place. Stay as safe as possible by acting smarter when you go on dates.

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