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Budget Garden: 6 Ways to Upgrade it



Budget Garden

Outdoor spaces can offer an escape from our usual routine. It can provide us room to relax or socialize with friends and family. You can use your outdoor space for hosting barbeque or dinners. If you have children, your outdoor space provides them an opportunity to play and learn.

Hence, decorating your garden or backyard becomes essential. There are many low-budget ways to upgrade your home garden. From installing a vinyl fence to adding planters and accessories, there are many ways to give your garden a fresh look.

With a creative mindset and the following ideas, you can set up your outdoor space even with a low budget.

1. Fence

Using a fence to maintain a boundary wall around your garden adds a different dimension to it. Apart from practical reasons, a boundary enhances your outdoor space. There are many options for fencing, including a wood fence, which gives a natural and earthy look to your garden. You can also paint the wooden boundary fence any color you want to match your theme for the outdoors.

2. Planters

You can get creative in this department. Depending on the plant that you want to grow, you will need different planter sizes. You can buy planters online for cheap prices. But if you are low on budget, using old furniture as plant holders can provide the same function. You can even upcycle wooden boxes and crates as planters. With a touch of stain, these look new without spending much money.

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3. Use kitchen scraps

Kitchen scraps can get handy if you want to cut the cost of garden supplies. You can use kitchen scraps as compost for your plants. That way, you not only save money on fertilizer but also have a sustainable solution for reusing scraps. The scraps can provide essential nutrients to the plant. However, make sure that the scraps do not have fungus or mold growing on them as it can lead to the spread of diseases in plants.

4. Kitchen garden

A kitchen garden is a must in your backyard. By saving some space and demarcating it with a fence, you can build a kitchen garden. Not only does it give you the satisfaction of growing vegetables, but you can also save some money in the long run. Some vegetable choices for a kitchen garden are as follows:

  • Chilies
  • Beans
  • Peas and chickpeas
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Lettuce

5. Sitting

If you want to use the outdoor space for relaxation or gathering, you need to have a sitting area. For this, you require furniture. An easy solution is to invest in a rug, which would not cost you a lot. To this, you can add floor cushions. However, if you want to invite people over, you need a proper seating arrangement, including a dining table. Adding a low dining table (surrounded by cushions for seating) gives your outdoors a comfortable yet bohemian look.

6. Bird feeder and other accessories

Adding accessories to your garden can never go wrong. A bird feeder is an excellent addition to your garden as it can attract birds, giving your outdoor space a natural feel. In addition to this, you can place lanterns in your garden. Apart from adding value to your outdoor space, it also provides lighting.

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