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Home Security: 6 Effective Ways to Waive off Security Threats



Waive off Home Security Threats

Break-ins, thefts, and other criminal activities have always kept us on the lookout for effective ways to secure our homes in the best way possible. We should always try to be a few steps ahead of burglars so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from any danger.

It’s no anymore sufficient to secure our homes with a simple lock. We have to adopt new ways to deal with the advanced tricks used by intruders nowadays. Go on to read 6 such effective ways to waive off home security threats.


1. Installing Home Security System

A home security system makes for one of the most effective ways to secure your home from burglary. If an intruder discovers a security camera or any other security system, they are likely to keep away from your home.

Installing security cameras can alert you of a break-in or if there’s any movement in your property. Motion detection sensors and a security alarm system instantly notify you if they detect any unwanted activity and help you take immediate actions before any unfortunate event occurs. Depending on the security company you use, they may also alert relevant law enforcement bodies on your behalf.

Additionally, security systems are affordable security solutions. There are several companies that offer reliable security systems at prices that would not completely empty your wallet while ensuring the utmost security for your home.

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2. Lighting up the Landscape

Burglars and criminals surely don’t want to get spotted when entering a property, so they prefer targeting properties that aren’t sufficiently lit. So, lighting up your landscape with ample outdoor lights can help you keep them at bay. Install adequate lights in your front and back yards, porch, along driveways, near the garage and every other outdoor structure. Additionally, proper lighting will also keep you from stumbling and tripping while walking down your property.

Instead of keeping your outdoor lights always on, you can invest in smart solutions such as motion-sensor lights that glow up when they detect motion, cutting down your energy bills. These lights can also scare off an intruder trying to sneak into your property.

3. Securing the Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the primary entry points for intruders, so keeping them properly locked is one of the fundamental ways to secure your home. Even when you are home, try to keep the doors and windows locked. And when you are out, double-check to ensure they are all secured.

  • Reinforcement of Doors and Windows

Moreover, manufacturer locks on your doors and windows may not be effective enough to provide the ultimate security to your home. So, you need to upgrade them with high-quality locks. Make sure your exterior doors feature a deadbolt, making it difficult for burglars to break-in.

Also, ensure that your door frames are sturdy and the windows’ glasses are reinforced with window security film so that they can survive an attempted break-in. Installing wrought iron security gates as your main property gate and exterior gates is also a good security option.

  • Smart Solutions

Going the extra mile to secure your house, you can invest in door and window sensors that notify you when any door or window is left open. Also, get smart locks that can be managed and scheduled to lock remotely at certain times.

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4. Keeping Your Valuables Hidden

Do you know that around 70.8% of break-ins result in the theft of valuables and belongings? Some burglars may chalk out their entire plan well before time and ensure they get away with as many valuables as possible. So, it’s crucial on your part to keep your expensive possessions hidden away at places where intruders can’t find them.

Items such as bikes, cars, and expensive tools should not be kept out in the open. Keep them in your garage and ensure that it is properly secured. Do not leave expensive electronics, jewellery, purses, cash in front of open windows which can be easily spotted by an intruder passing by your property. Consider installing blinds and curtains to enhance your safety and privacy.

Get a Safe

Getting a safe for your valuable item is also recommended. You want to buy a safe that is waterproof, fire-resistant and heavy enough for any burglar to walk away with it.

5. Getting Rid of the Hiding Places

While trees, shrubs and lush green gardens can give your landscape an alluring visual appearance, they can also serve as ideal hiding spots for burglars. Trim down or, if necessary, cut down the trees and plants close to your home that hinder you from getting a clear and unobstructed view of your property. And if you do not want to rip them off, reinforce those places with extra security cameras, trip alarms and motion detection sensors.

Instead of big trees, you can opt for smaller bushes and flowers to adore your landscape. Also, put away ladders and stools outside your home, which can be easily used by intruders to break in. And do not lure intruders by leaving expensive goods lying around on your porch or yard.

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6. Locking down the Wi-Fi Network

Apart from physical break-ins, your house can also be vulnerable to digital threats. Your home wireless network can be used by hackers to access your personal and financial data. Also, if you have home automation installed, your house becomes all the more exposed. If your home gadgets are connected to your Wi-Fi network, smart burglars can easily use them to their advantage and sneak into your house.

Here are some tips to secure your Wi-Fi network and protect yourself from any hacker targeting your house:

  • Secure your wireless router
  • Enable Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 encryption
  • Use a firewall
  • Rename your home network and hide it
  • Install reliable antivirus and anti-malware protection software
  • Use strong and unique passwords

Closing Thoughts

The above tips will help you increase the security standards of your property and protect you and your family from burglaries and other threats.

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