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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Online Games



Online Games

Every entrepreneur wants financial success. Behind such success stands often a team that works perfectly together to overcome any challenge. The function behind this can actually be observed in online games. It is worth while to teach the rules that prevail there to the employees and thus form a real team out of them.


1. This is the winning formula!

The formula for entrepreneurial success is knowledge exchange + teamwork + communication = success. The know-how transfer in the team must work, there must be no lone wolves and envious people. Interdepartmental cooperation is needed for more impact and innovation. So much for the theory.

2 What if the formula doesn’t work?

Now comes the practice: Unfortunately, the winning formula doesn’t always work because the individual components have already failed. It’s the same as playing a baccarat game online: the pointeurs can only win together against the banker, not individually. That must be clear to the whole team! Maybe it helps to play a few rounds of the famous card game for this purpose. On the comparison platform, there is the possibility of free trial games, and the site also offers numerous tips for newcomers. This way, the start at the baccarat table and perhaps also the new beginning in business life is successful.

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3. Promoting cooperation in the company

After this profound insight, how can collaboration be fostered? Employees regularly join together in teams to work on a specific project. Those who have a common goal usually pull on the same rope. However, cooperation often stops at the departmental boundary. People tend not to adopt other people’s solutions, but only to use solutions they have developed themselves. This makes it difficult to spread certain “best practices” throughout the company.

In the game World of Warcraft (WoW), people fight against various enemies either alone or in small groups. About 25 online players can network with each other to form a team of heroes. In such “raids”, it is significantly easier to build up units together and to develop individually. In other words, the group makes sure that the individual does better. In addition, each player embodies his or her own role, the different skills complement each other. Just like in real life, isn’t it?

4. How WoW becomes the company’s own recipe for success

But how does WoW become the company’s recipe for success? The key is to build up and use more common resources — and to use new communication tools. In the game, the voice chat “TeamSpeak” serves as a means of communication; a company also needs the shortest possible communication channels between the various employees and departments. A digital company chat would be a good solution, divided into individual

Setting up a knowledge database can also be useful to share know-how as widely as possible. At first, this is a lot of work and probably only benefits “the others”, but it gives even newcomers the chance to quickly grow into the company structure.

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In addition, there may be after and training videos that everyone can watch independently when the time comes. Such easily accessible training opportunities within the company accelerate knowledge transfer and simplify collaboration, as employees are on the same level relatively quickly.


Photo by Chris Reading on Pixabay

5. This is what motivates the employees

The only question left is: What motivates the employees not only to consume the collected know-how, but also to use it purposefully in the team? Quite simple: the temptation to reach the next level – just like in the game. As a company, set clear goals that build on each other. First increase sales by 10 percent, then by 20 percent, and so on. These goals need to be communicated very clearly so that they are clear in everyone’s mind.

At the same time, provide the necessary equipment so that every employee can thoroughly stock up. Just like in the WoW hero squad, everyone then goes into battle together to meet the challenge! Admittedly, the reality is a bit more complex, but it closely follows the gameplay.

6. Do not forget the reputation!

If you’re a dedicated WoW player, you’ll soon find yourself in the limelight as an expert, earning much admiration. The same should happen to those employees who generously share their knowledge with others: They receive a certain expert status in their field and are always called in when there are questions to be clarified. In this way, the generous sharing of knowledge rewards itself, while everyone else benefits as well – not least the company.

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