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What Exactly Are Halal Organically Reared Chickens



Organically Reared Chickens

Just like most of the other foods available, chickens can also be grown organically to benefit from their various advantages. To understand what does the term ‘Halal Organically Reared Chicken’ means, we will divide it into two parts, ‘Organically Reared Chicken’ and ‘Halal Chicken.’

Organically Reared Chicken:

Organically reared chickens are the chickens that are grown in a manner that they are kept away from anything inorganic or synthetic, whether in their food or even in their environment. Below is a list of the different aspects that are taken care of while nourishing chickens to be organic:


These chickens are kept in a healthy environment with plenty of time given to them while they stay outdoors. This ensures that these chickens get the right amounts of sunshine and fresh air. When indoors, these chickens are not crammed upon each other like done in the non-organic rearing of chickens. Every chicken is provided with a decent amount of free space that helps them in their healthy growth and prevents the transfer of diseases between the chickens.

Poultry Feed:

The feed provided to the organically reared chickens is also organic. This means that it is free from any chemicals or pesticides that might get added to the feed. This saves the chickens from the side effects of chemicals and ensures that they don’t carry any disease to the consumers.

Artificial Additives:

Non-organically reared chickens are given different additives to improve their health and other aspects. For instance, antibiotics are used to prevent those chickens from diseases and illnesses, and steroids are used to enhance their size and other different properties. However, organically reared chickens are kept away fromall of these things and grown in a completely organic and natural way and so, their immune system fights naturally well against the different pathogens. A chicken with high immunity is a chicken without a disease, which ultimately leads to a healthier consumer.

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Organically reared chickens are richer in nutrients and so, are better for our health. The growing procedure also doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, there aren’t any pesticides and other such chemicals leftovers in the meat of these chickens which is harmful to us.

Halal Chicken:

Halal chicken is the one that is slaughtered according to the laws provided by Islam and only then it is permissible for the Muslims to eat. In the Halal way of slaughter, the chicken’s throat is cut down in a single swing of the knife in which the windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein are slit.

So, the Halal organically reared chicken is the chicken that is grown organically and slaughtered in the Islamic way, and if you are looking for good quality Halal organically reared chickens in Europe, get them at ‘Halal &Tayyib Foods.’

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