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What Is Halal Free-Range Chicken And What You Should Know About It



Halal Free-Range Chicken

Halal free-range chickens are the chickens nourished in a free-range environment and abide by the laws related to chickens that are set by the religion of Islam. Halal free-range chicken is basically two terms combined, ‘Halal chicken’ and ‘free-range chicken.’ We will explain both of them so that you can easily understand what exactly does Halal free-range chicken mean.

Free-Range Chicken:

Free-range chickens are the ones that are raised in a place where they have access to open-air and free lands to roam around in. There isn’t any specific duration that the chickens must stay outside to qualify as free-range, but for a chicken to be free-range, it must have had its time under the sun. The outdoor environment is usually grassy land with a good amount of sunshine and fresh air available to the chickens.This affects their healthpositively and helps them grow well.

The Ambiguity:

Although one might think that free-range chickens get ample time in the outside atmosphere but as said before, the duration can vary a lot. Even if the chickens stay in their shed and get the feel of the outside world only through the windows and nets, it might still count as free-range. This scenario isn’t what most people want when looking for free-range chickens and that’s why you should always get the information about the free-range chickens you decide on buying.

Is Organic Chicken Free Range?

Well, yes they are but if the free-range chickens are the ones that do get sufficient time in the open environment. All organically reared chickens are free-range chickens but not all free-range chickens are organic ones.

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Pros and Cons:

Since free-range chickens get to visit the open world, they tend to grow healthier and so, have more nutritious value in both their eggs and meat. But providing a large space just for the chickens to roam around tend to be expensive to the poultry farmers as most chicken farms cram hundreds of chickens in a small shed that gives a higher production. Resultantly, the market price of this chicken is also higher, and the availability is comparatively less.

Halal Chicken:

For a chicken to be considered Halal and be allowed for the Muslims to consume it, it must be slaughtered in the Halal way set by the Islamic law. This method includes the slitting of the chicken’s throat using a single cut of the knife, at the point where the jugular vein exists.

Now, you know what Halal free-range chickens are. If you decide on buying some high-quality Halal free-range chickens in Europe, visit ‘Halal &Tayyib Foods.’

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