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Briefly Describe the Main Steps of Wood Engraving



Wood Engraving
  1. Selection of materials

In wood carving, the choice of materials is relatively strict because the material is the foundation of wood carving crafts. Only when the foundation is laid, the next step will be carried out smoothly. From the point of view of the selection of materials, different wood species of wood have a certain difference, the difference is not only the price but also lies in the material of the advantages and disadvantages. Mahogany, boxwood, etc. are more high-end wood. Their hardness is suitable and fine wood, is more convenient for carving wood.

When choosing the wood, not only have certain requirements on whether the quality of the wood is good or bad, but also have high requirements on the grain. Whether the grain is exquisite or not, determines whether the carved-out purpose crafts have high aesthetics or not.

  1. Drying

If you want to carve out the work that will not cause cracking deformation and other problems, then drying is a necessary part. Many people will ignore this point. In fact, only when the wood is dried to a certain degree, your carving can be preserved and collected for a long time.

Only with dried wood can you maintain the internal stability of the wood fibers inside. In this way, it will not crack and deform easily after being carved into a wood carving artifact. The drying process also has certain standards. You need to have a professional, humidity-controlled drying room or dryer. Depending on the material, the number of times you choose to dry it as well as the time varies. If you don’t have a drying room, you can treat the wood by sun exposure. Unfortunately, this method is primitive and may not achieve the results of drying in a drying room.

  1. Engraving

If the choice of wood is the foundation, then the process of carving is as important as the choice of wood. Because the carving process is to give a piece of wood art life process.

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Like those themes in line with the public aesthetic, structural levels, and overall coordination of wood carving crafts, can be regarded as a model of the collection. Especially for the details of the more in place of the wood carving, very worth collecting. Because the details are the most able to reflect the level of carving skills.

We have to first chisel out the basic shape of the rough embryo with a regular carving knife and a hammer. Then we will use a pneumatic engraver to carve out the details roughly until we get the best result.

  1. Polishing and hot waxing

The traditional method of polishing is to first soak your piece in water, which causes the wood splinters to blow up. It was then rubbed with sandpaper until the surface of the wood carving was polished. However, nowadays we tend to use water sandpaper directly instead, which has the same polishing effect. Next, we can color the piece. Hot waxing is also a surface treatment for crafts. We can mix beeswax into a wax paste depending on the season. Next, apply the wax paste to the surface of the furniture. Then roast it over a low heat to melt it. In this way, we have completed a simple hot waxing process.

  1. Re-sanding and polishing

For wood carving crafts, the final sanding and polishing is also a very important process. After sanding and polishing wood carving crafts, its surface is smooth and shiny. Whether the sanding is effective or not, it directly affects the quality of the wood carving crafts. After this step, we can wear off the knife marks left during the carving process.

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Hey, do you know now? To carve a perfect piece of work requires a lot of preparation! A simple piece of wood carving requires so many procedures, and for more complex pieces, the processes used can be even more tedious. We have to keep practicing. Best wishes for your success!

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