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Top 5 Wood Paints to Protect Your Furniture from Fungi and Microbes



Wood Paints to Protect Your Furniture

A fresh coat of paint can give your furniture a brand new look. Whether it’s a chair or your wardrobe, wood paints are perfect. But fungi and microbes on your precious furniture can be a real nightmare. Learn about the best wood paint for furniture to protect them from annoying fungi and microbes.


Cause of Fungal growth on Acrylic emulsion paints & deterioration of the Paint film.

This study aims to evaluate the correlation between fungi causing paint deterioration and air contamination in Assiut University hospital to give a complete picture of the fungal quantity and spectrum. Seventeen fungal species were isolated from 15 samples of deteriorated water-based paint collected from the hospitals.

Chaetomium globosum was the most common paint-deteriorating fungal species, followed by Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus parasiticus, Penicillium oxalicum, and Setosphaeria rostrata. Direct examination confirmed the ability of these fungi to colonize the paint samples producing mycelia, conidia, and fruiting bodies. In vitro, these fungi exhibited the high potential to utilize the thin layer of polyacrylic paint and significant enzymatic activities of cellulase, lipase, and urease that may play a main role in paint degradation and as virulence factor of human diseases.

Moreover, 27 fungal species were isolated as air contaminating mycobiota. Aspergillus spp., Cladosporium cladosporioides, P. oxalicum, A. alternata and C. globosum caused a considerable amount of indoor air contamination. The results indicated that there is a clear correlation between fungi causing paint deterioration and air contamination, whereas certain fungi were responsible for wall paint deterioration and frequently indoor air contamination. The current study suggests that the improvement of antimicrobial additives in paints may be a promising approach to reduce paint biodeterioration and subsequently air contamination of indoor environments.

  1. Latex Paint

Latex paint is a convenient option for your furniture because of its easy accessibility. You will not be denied a variety of hues when you choose latex paint for your furniture. Latex paints are also available in different finishes.

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Opt for latex paints with a flat finish if you want a velvety appearance for your furniture. A semi-gloss formula has a high concentration of raisins, providing a shiny and durable finish.

  1. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint provides your furniture with a rich pop of colour with a smooth finish. Since the paint is usually sold in small containers, it’s great for miniature furniture like photo frames and console tables. It can be applied easily and levels on its own.

Acrylic paint dries fast, and you can apply multiple layers within a short time. The paint is stain-resistant, and you can easily clean it with soap and water.

  1. Chalky Paint

Chalky paint is often used to reclaim vintage furniture. You can also attribute an old-school charm to new furniture pieces using chalky paint. Even though it has latex as its bases, chalky paint can deliver a thick and buildable texture.

Chalky paint is more expensive than conventional latex paint because of its silky appearance. The paint dries quickly, but brush strokes become visible when you touch-up an area after it has dried.

  1. Milk Paint

Milk paint is perfect when you want a thin texture for your furniture. Milk paint had a long history before commercial paints came into existence. But without the right saturation, milk paint offers an inconsistent finish.

Using a bonder with milk paint ensures more consistent finishes and fewer chippings. You can leave a coating of milk paint intact or distress it to get a weathered look. A top coat using oil or wax can increase the durability of a milk paint finish.

Final Thoughts

Preserving your furniture from mold growth won’t be a problem with the types of wooden paint mentioned above or if you use Imperia Breathe Easy water-based wood finish. Hire a professional painter or engage in a DIY job to give your furniture a stunning look with either of the above-mentioned coatings or Imperia Breathe Easy – it has Antimicrobial Additives that prevent algal/fungal growth & keep it germs-free.

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