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Writing a Press Release for Your Small Business



Writing a Press Release

There are more ways than perhaps ever before for businesses to “put themselves out there” — and yet there’s still room for many tried-and-true marketing tactics, like the press release. The idea behind a press release is conveying newsworthy information in a digestible format directly to sources who presumably care enough to then spread the word further about these happenings.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for others to discover new developments related to your company, sending out a press release allows you to grab people’s attention and take charge of the narrative.

Keep reading to learn more about the art and science behind writing an effective press release on behalf of your small business.

When Should You Write an SMB Press Release?

First, let’s cover some of the events in a small company’s existence that may benefit from being turned into a press release. Above all, make sure the piece of news about which you’re writing is genuinely interesting. Ask yourself: Who would care about this update and why? If it’s more interesting to you or to your existing customer base, it may function better as a blog.

Here are a few situations when it may make sense to issue an SMB press release, according to one Forbes contributor:

  • Notable new hire
  • Launching a new product/service
  • Hosting an event
  • Conducting a giveaway
  • Winning an award

The potential newsworthiness of these events also depends on the nature of your business. Case in point: A locally beloved business will have a built-in fanbase of nearby customers who likely genuinely care about such updates — meaning a local newspaper or blog may be eager to publish updates or conduct an interview with you after receiving your press release.

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Tips for Writing an Effective Small Business Press Release

Issuing press releases periodically can be a very effective part of your small business marketing strategy. First and foremost, this format is meant to grab readers’ attention quickly and convey a clear point. This explains why it’s customary to start with a “hook” and a captivating headline.

The more you research press releases, the more you’ll notice there is a relatively consistent format no matter the actual content of the release. In a noticeable location up top, you’ll want to include your company’s contact information and the phrase ‘for immediate release.”

Next comes a headline, followed by a punchy paragraph revealing the newsworthy nugget of information as well as providing basic information about your business — especially the location and products/services offered.

As one expert writes for HubSpot, you’ll follow this opening paragraph up with another one or two paragraphs delving into why this is important. Most press releases include at least one interesting quote from an authority figure with special insight into the development.

It can be daunting to sit down and write a press release, especially if you’re not yet a seasoned expert. The good news is that templates exist for this very reason — to guide you through the various sections and help you nail down the formatting.

Another great way to understand small business press releases is simply to read a lot of them. Learn what types of things other business owners are announcing and through which channels — making note of possible places to send your press releases in the future.

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Sometimes even well-crafted press releases fall short of getting much traction — that’s okay! Consider utilizing other forms of marketing, like blogging and email newsletters, to make sure you’re still able to keep potential and existing customers in the loop about what’s going on with your small business.

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Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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