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6 Holy Grails for Time-Poor Entrepreneurs



Time-Poor Entrepreneurs

From managing business matters to tracking employee performance, every business requires productivity tools that streamline time-sensitive tasks while managing deliverables. With tons of things to manage, businesses today, require productivity tools to be ahead of the game every time.

From thousands of productivity-boosting tools and ways, here we’ve curated the most cost-effective and competent ones of all times that are absolutely worth your time.

So, let’s take a look at these six holy grails for time-poor entrepreneurs that nurture productivity while keeping track of the overflowing to-dos.



From a layman to a career-oriented entrepreneur, all of us struggle when it comes to staying focused without losing our minds. With significantly short attention spans and endless distractions maintaining focus can be extremely elusive.

Therefore, to facilitate your entrepreneurial journey and evolve and transcend it into a successful one, visual software and services can be of great use that maximizes work efficacy, simultaneously automating business matters. Trello is that one such software that is multipurpose yet super easy to operate.

Whether you’re looking for a tool that breaks extensive to-do lists into bite-sized chunks or prioritizes deadline-sensitive tasks, Trello is the answer. The software seamlessly unfolds the layers of complexity, averting all the odds of mismanagement.

Besides, the tool comes with functionality boosting features that can be customized to make the software align to your business needs perfectly. The best bit about Trello is that all the files and documents are autosaved in the cloud.

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Though this one is not a tool but definitely a productivity-enhancing browser extension that assists busy entrepreneurs with expanding their reach locally and virtually as well. The website saves time and cultivates your professional journey by shaping the right impression with less intricate free business card mockups.

These easy-to-use and super realistic business card mockups are available for download. Not only this, mockups of all the designs and layout are editable and comes in PSD files.

From thousands of striking fonts and layouts, you can choose the one complying with your offerings the most.

Present your work with panache and create maximum impact with dealfuel’s free business card mockups.


Smooth communication encourages great results. Slack gathers the team into one centralized spot that is customizable and flexible for its users. With such a tool, entrepreneurs get more mileage out of their offerings.

Slack ensures that the tasks are assigned in real-time and delivered exactly on time without any unusual delays. The app offers small teams on a hunt for ways to beat the clock, a free platform to accumulate all the scattered data in one place. Since Slack markets itself as a communication fostering tool, it makes for a great productivity tool for teams having tons of project assigning and communication work.

The app has got both a free and premium plan that is suitable for various business models. The app lets the employing teams foster the best-automated scheduling of tasks while keeping a thorough check on each team member’s availability.

Slack lets you accomplish anything from coordinating with peers to making immediate changes, flexible enough to meet the needs of any team.

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Freedcamp, is a tool for entrepreneurs looking for a comprehensive project management solution that encompasses everything from project scheduling, document and issue supervision, team collaboration, portfolio handling, reporting, and time tracking.

The extension makes the supervision of tasks super easy and straightforward. The tons of free functionality features of the app promote all sorts of collaborative activities. Also, the user can integrate customized features such as CRM by paying for the add-ons he actually wants.

Furthermore, the app opens up unlimited features for unlimited projects with no specific storage limit.

In case you want to nurture a transparent system that notifies every time a deadline is near and keeps you posted with a visual representation of the progress on each project, all for absolutely no penny, Freedcamp is the option!

This one is a must-have productivity tool for entrepreneurs on a tight budget and minimum time.

As a time-poor entrepreneur, I consider Freedcamp as a great unpaid and resourceful team management tool at my disposal.

Save the hours of a full working day every week without letting any task fall through the cracks.


All the years and degrees we have to spend on learning team management go in vain when they aren’t paired with automated productivity tools. With so much to handle and manage, tracking tasks manually seems logically and factually false, and that’s when tools like Teamwork comes into play.

The app simplifies the supervision of tasks and facilitates teams to reach milestones with a clear vision without getting bombarded with plenty of tasks all at once.

For businesses with complex needs and recurring issues with task tracking, Teamwork is a great addition. The app lets the team members add the client to the dashboard so he can stay posted on the progress of the project and ask for changes as required.

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The tool has productivity-boosting features that get the employing business sorted for weeks to come. Teamwork has to be the best productivity tool for procrastinators to date. The interactive functionality of the app keeps the linked members away from energy-sapping activities, encouraging a highly focused and uninterrupted work environment.

Google Drive

In this day and age, the cloud is practically everywhere. Considering the flexibility and convenience that it offers; Google Drive is the perfect software that maintains the worker’s creative flow. From anywhere, at any time, Google Drive can be accessed. The tool offers the users a storage limit of 15 GB of all sorts of digital documentation.

The tool has the option of sharing the stored data with members of your choice who can either view, edit, download, or comment on the shared files.

Users can leverage Google Drive for maintaining spreadsheets to compile to-do lists for upcoming and ongoing tasks.

This was my round-up of holy grails for time-poor entrepreneurs that ensure maximum productivity even if you’re too busy to grunt a transparent system yourself. With these top-rated productivity stimulating tools, evaluate tasks, and save money without a hassle.

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