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Wazzup?! 90s Trends That Are Making A Comeback



90s Trends

If you were there you probably remember the 1990s fondly. The decade of grunge rock and R&B, the Spice Girls, and The Gap. Rented videos, dial-up internet, LCD screens, Nintendo, and Tommy Hilfiger scent are just a few of the items that recall that iconic decade. While some of the style and beauty trends have been relegated to the graveyard of fashion history, Cosmopolitan and other leading beauty mags say that other 90s styles are enjoying a rebirth. Here are a few of the 90s trends that are making a comeback:


Baby Tees

Pioneered by All Saints in the late 90s and popularized by The Spice Girls and the TV show Friends in Y2k, the baby tee is the new t-shirt of the summer. Tight and fitted, with cropped arms and midriff, these tiny tees draw attention to the upper body and narrow the waist. Often, they are emblazoned with irreverent slogans. Baby tees have made appearances on popular shows like Euphoria: one with the slogan ‘don’t be jel’ worn by the character Maddy selling out within hours. Unlike in their previous iteration, this time around baby tees are friendly to all body types. While a tight midriff is always something worth flaunting, pairing the top with high-waisted or baggy pants looks just as cool.

Chunky, Clunky Shoes

Platform sandals, combat boots and garish sneakers are seeing a renaissance. Timberland, Air Max, Steve Madden, Skechers and Doc Martens were all the rage back in the day, and today they are again just as popular. 90s fashion was all about the vibe and the details and pairing your shoes with your outfit to create the ultimate sub-genre look was all part of the trend. Now, you can party like it’s 1999 by pairing your strappy sandals with a plaid skirt and a spaghetti-strap top or channel your inner riot grrl with lace-up leather boots, knee-high socks, and a baggy flannel shirt.

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Time To Clip Up Everything!

Updos and middle partings are back. Think 10 Things I Hate About You, the bobs sported by Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair, and, of course, The Rachel. Wispy, butterfly-clipped strands were perhaps most iconically embodied in Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz in Clueless. The casually placed strands frame the face, adding jaw definition and a whimsical, cheeky aspect to an ensemble. Butterfly clips are headlining this 90s nostalgia world tour with everyone from Megan Thee Stallion to Bella Hadid wearing them., If butterfly clips aren’t your jam, barrettes, scrunchies and headbands also feature on the 90s lineup.

Scarlet Gloss

The 90s brought us so many novel ways to use cosmetics, and some of these are enjoying renewed popularity. Colors not found in nature can add a sparkle to your looks, like Britney’s frosted lips or Mary J Blige’s scarlet gloss. Matte and nude lips are also a thing now, and strong- or over-lining the lips is another trend that is enjoying a surprising vogue.

Fashion trends have a habit of making a comeback and these 90s trends show that what was hot a few decades back is once again sizzling. If you missed out on baby tees, butterfly clips, and frosted lips before now are your chance.

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