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Best Websites for Finding a Roommate in NYC



Finding a Roommate in NYC

New York is one of the most happening cities in the world. New Yorkers live an expensive life compared to the rest of the world. Housing in New York is costly, so you can often see young people such as college students and working professionals living in groups.

Having new roommates can be scary due to various reasons. However, finding good people or like-minded people might become more accessible and more fun to live with once you get to know them beforehand. There are many things you can do while residing in New York. Some of the popular places to visit in NYC are:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • Niagara Falls
  • Lake Placid
  • Finger Lakes
  • Lake George
  • Thousand Islands
  • Cooperstown

Having a friendly and understanding roommate is essential to do all the fun things in the city. Therefore, this article will discuss the top websites you can use to find roommates in NYC.


1. Cirtru

Cirtru is a very popular website in the United States. It is a well-trusted housing website used by many people in NYC, especially for finding new roommates. The main objective of this housing platform is to find accommodation in a safe neighborhood. This site uses advanced features to fetch the results. On this website, there is a separate column for ratings and reviews. Former tenants can share their experience both on the website and on the housing property they were rented in. It would help the potential tenants be aware of particular circumstances and help them choose their desired apartment wisely.

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There is a personalized search option available on the website that allows its users to sort and customize their search. The users can search for their specific requirements and filter the unwanted features out, so they do not need to spend time and effort on the things they do not want to see. These preferences include whether or not to allow pets, smoking, drinking, partying, unauthorized people’s stay, parking, etc.

2. Listings Project

Listings Project is for the people who want ultra-personal and professional services in their house-hunting journey. The website does not upload any bait-and-switch postings. This website is regarded as a local legend for finding roommates in NYC.

Initially, this site was launched as Stephanie Diamond’s personal project. The primary purpose was to find living and workspaces for like-minded people, especially those in New York. However, after some time had passed, this website became very famous, and many people started using it to find rentals and potential roommates. So, Stephanie decided to show free listings of about 350+ apartments and houses on this site every week to attract more young people.

Furthermore, for people seeking to list a place, they should pay 30 USD as a fee. Stephanie’s professional team then goes to the actual unit and approves them if they are up to the mark. Users can sign up for free if they wish to rent a room. Every Wednesday morning, they will receive a weekly email regarding new listings so that the user will not miss out on anything.

3. Reddit

Reddit is a discussion site. Here, people talk about all the topics under specified tags. Anyone can post anything they want. For example, people can ask for suggestions to buy a certain shoe under the ‘fashion’ or ‘shoes’ tag. In recent days house-hunting has become very popular on Reddit among the youths, especially in the US.

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If you want to find a roommate on Reddit, you can! Its working is very simple. You need to create a post saying you are looking for a flatmate to rent a new apartment in NYC. And if anybody is looking for the same, they will reply to your thread or contact you via direct messages.

Since New York is one of the highly populated cities in America, many users use Reddit to find apartments. The two most popular tags are “r/NYCapartments” and “r/AskNYC.” Both these tags have around 180k followers combined. Many people post regarding housing properties every day on these tags.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is a perfect place to find roommates in NYC. Many New Yorkers still use it. It is a highly popular website. This website contains listings of anything that you are looking for. In addition, there is a map available specifically for the users who are new to the city and want to know what the streets and surroundings look like. They can also read blogs and articles about specific neighborhoods to have an overall idea of what kind of place they will be moving into.

5. FB Groups

Facebook is a very famous social media with billions of users. There is a famous feature on FB called the Facebook groups. These groups are mainly created for people with the exact needs and interests. Similarly, in NYC, there are many specific groups, especially for finding roommates.

People can search ‘roommate finder NYC’ to find and join specific groups. The working of FB Groups is almost the same as Reddit. Moreover, you can also use Facebook Marketplace to list your property and attract renters to rent them.

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6. Alumni Network

One of the most important things a student or a young professional should do is network with their senior students and employees. Many youngsters do alumni networking to find a roommate for them. This type of networking can also be used as referrals for their new apartment or shared spaces. Referrals and credit scores play a big part in finding a new house in the US.


Living in New York is very expensive, considering today’s rental costs. So, the people who want to move to NYC can use this article to find a roommate of their choice. Apart from that, they can also search ‘roommate finder NYC’ on Google if they want to surf more websites. Remember that before choosing a potential roommate for sharing your rent, you do all the necessary checks to prove that the person you are choosing is a perfect fit for you.

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