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Anthony Strangis: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Career, Family, Crime & Net Worth



Anthony Strangis

Anthony Strangis In the year 2022, Anthony Strangis reached the ripe old age of 42. That guy was born in the ’80s. He is known for his crimes, conman, gambling, and ex-husband to Sarma Melngailis. There needs to be more information about Anthony Strangis’s past. According to various publications, Strangis is a native Massachusettsian raised in Sarasota. He was often around criminals.

Since Anthony Strangis’ crimes brought him to the forefront, few of his relatives have been able to interview him and give more information about his life. According to information obtained by the author, John J. Strangis Sr. spent over twenty-five years as a police officer for the Brockton force. In 1989, Strangis’ father retired.


Early Life                            

His birth occurred in Brockton, Massachusetts, in 1980, and he will be 42 years old in 2022. Anthony Strangis went to elementary school in Brockton, which is located in the American state of Massachusetts.


Although Anthony Strangis’s professional details are unclear, he met Sarma Melngailis in 2011 and began his mastery of cheating people. After convincing her, he met Sarma via Twitter in 2011, and Anthony started meeting her. The two then went on dates. He married Sarma Melngailis later in his life. He began to exchange money with his wife and convinced her that he would help her expand her business using the money to strengthen her business ties.

Anthony Strangis, however, was a real gambler. He began gambling with his wife’s money at casinos on the East Coast. Before cheating on Sarma, Anthony had betrayed his first wife, Stacy. After courting for only three months, he wed Stacy in 2003. Stacy was embarrassed when he claimed to be a former Navy Seal. Stacy was shocked when he claimed he was shot on duty and is currently in rehabilitation at home.

Because he believed his story, Stacy Avery was drawn to him and married him. After leaving Stacy, he had one child with her and used Stacy to make money. According to Netflix, Anthony deceived Stacy telling her that his aunt had left him $5,000,000. He ultimately decides against working for Stacy and her kid.

Anthony made a bigger fool of Stacy by convincing him that demons were after him and that the only way to get out was to funnel money to some unknown group. After stealing all of Stacy’s jewelry, he tells her he will pay her later and flees to Vegas. Despite betraying her husband, Stacy couldn’t separate herself from him and married Sarma, Miss. Stacy Avery, the only person to write a letter during Anthony’s trial, was Stacy Avery.

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Anthony Strangis is how old? He was born in 1980. In 2022, he will have turned 42 years old. He is known for his crimes, conman, gambling, and ex-husband to Sarma Melngailis. There needs to be more information about Anthony Strangis’s past.

Sarma Melngailis is also well-known for her skills in the business and culinary fields. She had published many cookbooks and worked in several restaurants before she became interested in raw food and veganism. Melngailis, now husband of Matthew Kenney, launched Pure Food & Wine in 2004.

Vanity Fair reports that celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara visited the restaurant, and Melngailis and Kenney stayed away from Pure Food and Wine.

Height, Weight

Anthony Strangis is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 110 kilograms. His shoe size is 11. The man wears a size 10 US0 in shoes. His torso is measured at 44-38-17 inches in circumference. He has dark brown irises and dark hair as well.


They tied the knot for the first occasion in 2003, when Anthony and Stacy Avery. They have one son. Later, he left Stacy Avery and ran to Vega, stealing all his jewelry. In 2011, he began dating Sarma Melngailis, and in 2012, they tied the knot. Sarma Melngailis, who lived with Anthony, had a baby but later had an abortion. As was previously stated, in 2017 Anthony was convicted of multiple crimes, including the adultery of his wives for financial gain. In 2018, his wife Sarma divorced him.

anthony strangis Wife


Anthony’s relatives have not been able to give interviews since he was sentenced in 2017. Anthony’s father reportedly spent over 25 years with the Brockton Police Department. In 1989, his dad stopped working. Reporting on Anthony’s relatives might be more discreet in the press.

Anthony Strangis’ Nationality

As a native-born Citizen of European ancestry, Anthony Strangis is considered to be Caucasian. However, he may have lied about his nationality to people because he has a history of being a con man. He has an extensive criminal record that includes convictions for both grand larceny and impersonating law enforcement. He may have impersonated other nationalities.

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How did Anthony meet Melngailis?

Anthony first started to communicate with Sarma via Twitter in 2011. They met in November 2012. Sarma is well-known for her exceptional cooking skills and her business acumen. She’s written a tonne of cookbooks and worked at a bunch of different eateries. In 2004, Sarma and her then-fiancé, Matthew Kenney, established Pure Food and Wine. It was a success initially, attracting many celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara.

The company earned approximately $7 million annually. After selling his shares to Sarma, Kenney, Sarma’s partner in the business, left. Anthony and Sarma were at the beginning of their relationship. He said he would help her business become financially independent so it wouldn’t have to deal with unpleasant clients, but he never did. Once they had known each other for some time, they tied the knot in 2012.

Anthony meet Melngailis


Strangis began his game by telling Sarma that an unknown group was following them. He then asked Sarma for his credentials, including email and phone numbers. Anthony Strangis said the money would fund a series of cosmic endurance tests that offer tremendous rewards. Sarma paid him $1.2 million.

Who is Anthony Strangis’ Father?

It needs to be found out who Anthony Strangis’ father was. It is known that Anthony Strangis’ father was a wise man who fought with his mother during their marriage. He and his mother divorced, and Strangis was raised primarily by his mom. In his 20s, he moved to Florida to live with his father. This was when his character began to change. His father supported him when he lied about his identity and wealth.

Where Is Anthony Strangis Now?

A current resident of Southern California and active member of the Republican Party, Anthony Strangis has moved there. His identity was revealed in a release of naked pictures taken in 2019. This led to Katie Hill’s resignation as a Democratic congresswoman. Strangis also remarried.

On the 10th of August 2021, he married Jennifer Van Laar, a conservative media personality. Jennifer, however, has come out to claim that her marriage was not serious and that she has filed divorce papers. She also disclosed that Strangis was her bodyguard.

Controversial Past

Strangis is, first and foremost, a man with a controversial history. Strangis didn’t have an official Wikipedia profile. However, his close friend has one. Strangis is also known as Shane Fox, his stage name. His past is full of crime and gambling, and his wife Sarma remains in prison for two burglaries. Anthony Strangis’ father was a 25-year police officer. His story is interesting.

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Divorce and Pregnancy

Anthony Strangis, in addition to being a con artist and a successful husband, is also an ex-husband to Sarma Melngailis. Sarma Melngailis was his wife for three years. In 2018, the couple split, and Strangis was sentenced to five-year probation with $840,000 in restitution. Strangis was released from prison, but his wife remains with him and their son.

Many Crimes

Strangis was convicted in the 1990s of being a conman and sentenced to prison. He has remained low-key in public since his release. In May of 2017, he was transferred from Rikers Island to Massachusetts for his probationary period. In August 2018, he was finally divorced. His wife accused Strangis, during the preliminary, of abusing him.

Notorious Personality

Strangis is a well-known criminal but also has a law degree. He was accused of coercive control to bilk millions of investors. In December 2012, he wedded Sarma Melngailis behind her back. Strangis owned an eatery but didn’t bother to tell anyone about his impressive academic credentials. His background was not revealed in his trial.

No Social Media Accounts

He is fair-skinned with a chubby, brownish complexion. It is hard to determine what kind of person he is because he has yet to join any social media platforms. Anthony Strangis is a fascinating person. Check out his Wikipedia page!

Criminal Record

Strangis has a criminal history. He admitted to tax evasion, theft, and financial crime. Sarma, his wife, was detained in 2016. Shane, their son, is accused of aiding them in stealing the money. He has a criminal history, but the Strangis case is over. He will be 42 in 2022.

Ex-husband of Sarma Melngailis

Strangis was born to Massachusetts parents in Brockton, where he also spent his childhood. The cons he pulled off were usually effective. Purity Food and Wine was founded by him; his ex-wife, Sarma Melngailis, was the company’s namesake. Sarma Melngailis was a well-known restaurateur and met Strangis via Twitter. He began to send him money.

Ex-husband of Sarma Melngailis


Net Worth

A recent report states that the 5-year probation period will end in May 2022. He has yet to be heard from or seen during this period. It is, therefore, difficult to determine his net worth and source of income.


Strangis’ net wealth has remained stable despite the scandal. By 2022, he is expected to have earned a million dollars. There are still debts he must settle with his debtors. Anthony Strangis’s Wikipedia says he will file for bankruptcy in 2022. Perhaps you are curious as to how much money he has. You might also be curious about how to find out more information about this controversial person in business.

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