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Francie Frane: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Marriage, Career & Net Worth



Francie Frane

Francie Frane was a Colorado native. She spent her childhood in Colorado with her family. He has completed at least primary education to complete her studies. She has had a deep love for Ranch since she was little. She, therefore, made the decision to pursue a job in the area she most enjoyed.

In 1981, Frane wed Bob. But in 2019, her husband passed away from cancer. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth died from throat cancer in 2018. Duane fell in love with Francie Frane after his wife’s death. Before they got into a relationship, their families introduced Francie and Duane. After Duane hired Bob (Francie’s former husband) for a side project, they first came to know each other.

Francie Chapman is Duane’s sixth wife. Duane was previously with La Fonda Sue Honeycutt and TawnyMarie Chapman. He also dated Lyssa Rae Brittain and Anne M Tengell. Francie was also the stepmom to 12 Duane Chapman children after she married him. She has also had two sons before with Bob. A happy couple, 51-year-old Francie and Duane, live in Colorado with their children.


Early Life

In Colorado, United States of America, Francie Frane was born on November 30, 1970. At this time, no information is known regarding her parents or siblings. She is a White woman who practices Christianity. She loved being at the Ranch when she was a little girl. Francie has not revealed any information about her educational background, but she spent much of her time at the Ranch as a child. Although specifics regarding her schooling have not been disclosed, she must have gotten a foundational education.

Personal Life

Francie was married to Duane Chapman in September 2021. Duane was previously in relationships with Beth Smith, Lyssa R Brittain, Anne M Tengell, and La Fonda Sue Honeycutt. From the following relationships, he also has 13 children. Colorado Springs was where they tied the knot in a private, intimate, and personal ceremony. Only their closest friends were permitted to witness it.


Francie Frane took over the ranching operation after Francie Frane lost her mother. She took over the ranching operation after her mother passed away. He didn’t stay there for very long, but she eventually departed to explore other interests. She then trained as a welder. He has welded for a very long time. She works for a welding company right now. She has a lot of videos and pictures on Instagram that show all the animals she’s collected over time.

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This woman will do anything for anyone, including dogs, cats, and birds. She appeared in Say Yeah to the Dress while still a high school student at Kleinfeld Associated Academy. This is a highly regarded private institution. They became close friends, and they have been together ever since.

Francie is a highly sought-after media personality with connections from Duanechapman to Extraordinary People. She is often paired with Chapman in interviews, and her engaging interview style captivates viewers’ attention. Chapman even stated she is “one of the most beautiful people” he has ever seen.

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Is Francie Frane Married?

Francie Frane is happily married. In 2019, Francie Frane met Duane Chapman, a TV personality. They began dating. Their pasts brought them together in the same turmoil that fueled their love lives. They fell in love slowly after losing their spouses to the disease and supporting each other through it.

After a protracted dating relationship, they made their engagement public. In a private ceremony, they were married on September 2, 2021. A few people were present at their Colorado marriage ceremony. She had already tied the knot with Bob, who died in early 2019

Duane, her husband, has been married five times before her. In 2019, his fifth wife, Beth, succumbed to throat cancer. He married Tawny Marie and Lyssa Rae Brittian. Anne M. Tegnell and La Fonda Sue Honeycutt were his first wives.

He has 12 children with Frane, while Frane has one from her marriage to Bob. Their relationship is very smooth at the moment. They both consider themselves to be quite fortunate to have one other in their lives, and their marriage is doing well.

Francie Frane met Duane Chapman

Francie Frane Age

Francie was born on an unknown date but is 51 years old as of 2022. She was born in 1970. Her birth details, including her siblings and parents, are not known. Francie’s decision to keep family information private must have been motivated by some personal reason.

This is not surprising after being married to Duane Chapman. Because the media is so interested in famous people, they also try to invade their privacy. It is understandable why she is so obscure.

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Francie Frane – Body Measurements

Francie Frane is very attractive and has a great personality. She stands around 5 feet 7 inches tall. She is 65 kg. The body measurements are not known. Her blonde hair is paired with brown eyes.

Siblings and Education of Francie Frane

As was already established, Francie Frane is the daughter of a rancher and welder. Francie also has a younger sibling. Francie’s father died, so Francie’s mother took over the ranching company. The family left juggling their financial obligations. Francie spent a lot of her childhood on the Ranch.

She did not reveal the grade or subject matter taught at that school. This period met the minimum educational requirements. However, we only know a little about school hours. There were plenty of horse-related outdoor activities.

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Who has Francie Frane Dated?

Francie Frane is not open about her private life and doesn’t want to talk much about her relationship life. She has had two close relationships with people she married later.

First, she dated Bob, a man she had known for a while, and they were married. After Bbb’s death from cancer, their relationship ended. In 2019, she met Duane Chapman, a bounty hunter. They began to date slowly and now live happy, fulfilled life.

Francie Frane profession

She has been a rancher since she was a child. Francie chose to work as a Ranch manager because of this passion. According to sources, she graduated from high school and became a rancher in Colorado. She enjoyed her job for many years and continues to do so.

Francie Frane family

Francie Frane married Bob Frane. It is unknown when they married, but they were married until 2018 when Bob died from cancer. Francie and Bob have two children together. Bob’s tragic passing two years ago, she met Duane Chapman again. Duane also lost Beth Chapman to cancer, coincidentally.

Sources claim that the two men understood each other’s struggles and pain. It was this that drew them together. They wed in May 2020 because they were in love. They were married in September 2021. Francie was welcome into the Chapman Family, which has Duane’s 12 children.

She has two children with Bob. It’s a happy, large family. They now live happily in Colorado with their family. Duane Chapman’s relationship with Francie Frane was why Francie Frane first appeared on the internet. Let’s learn more about him.

Francie Frane’s Controversies

Francis has not been the subject of any rumors or controversies. The rancher lives far from these topics. Frane is very private and doesn’t make public appearances with their husband, Duane. She prefers to be far from dramas and does not participate in them.

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After a telephone conversation between her husband and her son was made public, he became embroiled in many controversies. He use a racial slur, which was heavily criticized by many. He later apologized and received his show back.

Francis Frane’s Net Worth

According to various data, Francis Frane, the famous rancher, has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. Her ranching career is where she makes the most of her income. His annual income is still being reviewed, but some media have estimated it to be approximately $50,000. Her net worth will rise dramatically if we look closely at her achievements.

She lives in Hawaii with her husband, Duane, where she leads a lavish life. A well-known Television personality and bounty hunter is Duane Chapman. The person’s net worth indicates that he is worth about $6 million. His reality series account for a large portion of his income.

His annual income, however, is not available. However, it is certain to be in the millions. Both must have huge properties across the country. They have not disclosed any details regarding their real estate.


  1. Francie Frane, born in 1970, is Duane Chapman’s new girlfriend in Dog The Bounty Hunter. I am a 51 years old woman. However, it is difficult to find her actual date of birth online.
  2. Her boyfriend has his own Wikipedia Page.
  3. On the other hand, she is missing one. The media has obtained some information about her. She resides in the United States. Her face is white.
  4. It is impossible to find any information about her professional or personal life. Francie Chapman is her Hollywood celebrity spouse. For starters, his daughter had a problem with their relationship.
  5. Duane has accepted her as his new girlfriend. She and Duane attend events in the entertainment business hand in hand.
  6. Her height is not available online. Her appearance is pleasant.
  7. Her net worth is still being determined. She enjoys reading.
  8. Google can show you her images. She is a rich actress and lives in luxury.

Final Thoughts

This is the end of our blog about Francie Frane. Although you may have some knowledge about Francie Frane’s husband, likely, you needed to learn more about Francie. We hope you’ve learned about Francie Frane’s age, career, and net worth. Francie is a hard-working, passionate woman. Francie is happy to be in love again. We only hope it lasts. Let us know what you think about this blog in the comments. Remember to share your inspirations with us.

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