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Are CBD Dog Treats Safe For My Dog?



CBD Dog Treats

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it derives from the cannabis plant. Although it comes from this well-known shrub, unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. Many people take CBD in the hopes of receiving its many claimed benefits, but it’s also now taken over the pet health world too. As studies are continuing into the effects of CBD on animals, the preliminary results are looking good. So, if you’re intrigued, keep reading and discover more about CBD dog treats and just how safe they are for your beloved canine pal.


Can Dogs Have CBD?

CBD is generally deemed safe for dogs to take. However, studies and research are still ongoing so it’s impossible to say with 100% certainty that it’s fine. It’s good to remember that leading experts in the field have all agreed that CBD is safe for dogs, and it’s even recommended for certain ailments sometimes. Studies have shown that no negative side effects have been reported in dogs when taking CBD apart from an upset stomach if given too much.

What Benefits Does CBD Have On Dogs?

Similar to human studies into the effects of CBD, it’s still ongoing, but the results so far are very good. CBD can be particularly useful for older dogs who struggle with arthritis or other chronic pain conditions. This is because CBD is anti-inflammatory and works to reduce muscle inflammation, thus alleviating pain. It also works by decreasing the pain signals in your dog’s body, allowing them to experience less discomfort. CBD has also shown to have the potential to reduce seizures in epileptic dogs. This can really help improve their quality of life as seizures can sometimes be debilitating, especially when they happen often. A lot of people take CBD to help reduce their anxiety, and lots of people are now hoping it can do the same for their dogs. Some dogs may struggle with things like fireworks, car rides, and even thunderstorms, so giving them a dose of CBD could help keep them calm. This can help improve their overall experience with these situations and enable them to deal with them better when faced with them again. These benefits may seem small, but to some dogs, they can make the world of a difference!

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When Should I Give My Dog A CBD Treat?

It’s suggested to give your dog their daily dose of CBD with their breakfast or another meal as it will absorb into their system better. This doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a CBD treat when they need it, but it may work better if given along with their regular food. CBD generally takes about half an hour to start working and the effects can last up to six hours. So, if you’re wanting to keep your dog calm for their vet’s appointment in the afternoon, make sure you give it enough time beforehand to start working, but not too early that it wears off.

How Many Treats Should I Give Them?

When it comes to dosing your dog with CBD, it’s crucial that you follow the guidelines provided to you on the product itself. Typically, CBD dosing for dogs is worked out by their weight and size, so you want to ensure that you’re over or under-dosing them. There haven’t been any reported deaths from taking CBD treats so that itself is reassuring. However, if you give them too much, they are likely to experience diarrhoea and an upset stomach. Just like when dosing yourself, it’s best to start off with a lower dose and see how that affects them. Once you’re happy that they’re happy with the amount, you can work up to their recommended dose and strength.

Can I Only Get CBD Dog Treats?

There are lots of other dog CBD products out there as well as dog treats, but treats are probably the most enjoyable way for them to take their dose. You can find CBD oils, capsules, and creams that are designed for dogs, so if you don’t want to be giving them extra treats all the time, you could try one of these instead. However, capsules can be hard to get them to eat so you might prefer the treats simply for their ease of use. CBD oils can be added to food, but you have to work out the dose yourself. Whereas with a CBD dog treat, it’s already pre-dosed so you don’t have to worry that they’ve got the right amount.

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CBD dog treats can a great alternative to other sedatives that you may have previously used to keep your dog calm. CBD is a natural compound and shouldn’t have any negative side effects on your dog. They also have lots of possible benefits such as pain relief, reducing anxiety, and helping calm seizures. If you’re thinking about giving CBD to your dog, make sure you only give them one that’s designed for pets. It’s also a good idea to speak to your vet first too, just to make sure that your dog will be okay with it. Why not try out CBD dog treats in your daily canine routine? They really could make a massive difference to your dog’s life for the better!

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