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4 Best Strains to Try in 2022



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If you’ve been committing to being more adventurous and trying new things, trying a new cannabis strain may be a perfect way to get started. With thousands of cannabis strains available, it is okay to be uncertain about what to try. The following are the top four cannabis strains you should try in 2022.


London Pound Cake Strain

London Pound Cake, also known as Pound Cake, is a predominantly Indica strain originally bred by Cookies. This strain results from crossing Sunset Sherbet with an unknown Indica strain. London pond cake offers a delicious grape and very flavor with sharp lemon and citrus overtones. For the best produce, growers require considerable expertise and experience. That means the London Pound Cake strain is not suitable for novice growers or beginners. The strain is flexible since it can thrive indoors and outdoors.

Fresh ventilation from unfiltered air outside is necessary for optimum growth when growing this strain indoors. Therefore, you will need to surround the tent using a reflective coating. While this strain can do well in an outside garden or indoors, outdoor cultivation yields higher harvests. You can harvest about 2-3oz when growing London Pound Cake strain outdoors and 1-2oz when you grow indoors. When growing this strain outdoors, you want to ensure the location has abundant sunlight. London Pound Cake strain contains Sunset Sherbet genetics and is, therefore, more likely to thrive in a Mediterranean environment.

Donny Burger Strain

The Donny Burger strain is mostly Indica and a cross between GMO and Han-Solo Burger. This strain produces grape-shaped buds that are pale green, with densely packed amber hairs and crystal-like trichomes.Donny Burger strain takes about nine to ten weeks to flower and is usually ready for harvest by early October when cultivated outdoors. The stain yields abundantly; growers can expect to harvest approximately 18oz per plant and 16oz per square meter when growing indoors.

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You can use a hydroponic setup and soil medium for outdoor plantations to plant this strain indoors. This strain does well in warm and humid climates; frequent pruning is also essential for the best outcomes. Growing this strain is a possible experience for beginners, but the absence of growth information may be a barrier for novice growers. When growing the Donny Burger strain, you should watch out for pests since they can destroy your plants, affecting the quality and quantity of your produce. Techniques like lollipopping, low-stress training, and mainlining can help increase yields when growing the Donny burger strain.

Jealousy Strain

Jealousy strain was developed by crossing Sherbet B×1 with Gelato 41. The resulting strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, with an Indica/Sativa ratio of 50:50. The parents were selected through a long process of searching for potency and flavor to obtain the envisioned properties. Besides the potent effects of this covetous cannabis strain, growers can look forward to an easy growing experience and robust growth. Once these seeds enter their flowering stage, you see a pleasing range of colors. The flowering takes about eight to nine weeks, after which the buds are ready for harvest in October.

You can cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors, but the difference is in the quantity of yields. When grown indoors, this strain generates roughly 400-450g per square meter and 600-800g per plant when grown outside. Using the LST method to obtain an even plane can increase the size of the lower buds. This strain develops in nutrient-rich soils and hydroponic systems and fares better in warmer climates. Although this strain is resilient, it can still be affected by plant problems like white powdery mildew, pests and bugs, and diseases like root rot.

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For this reason, you want to look out for these plant problems and take prompt action. When left unresolved, these issues destroy your plants, affecting the quality and quantity of your harvests.

Gary Payton Strain

Gary Payton strain seeds result from the self-pollination of a unique clone whose genetics are from crossing the variety Y with the tasty Snowman. It was initially bred by a collaboration between Cookie Fam and the Powerzzz collective. The Gary Payton strain is a balanced poly hybrid with slight predominance. Thanks to its enormous hybrid vigor, this strain causes no problems during cultivation and yields generously.

Like most strains, the Gary Payton strain thrives both indoors and outdoors. However, it is essential to establish the basics of the two environments for the best results. When growing indoors, techniques like the screen of green will help you exploit all the performance of this strain. In outdoor crops, plenty of sunshine is essential for higher production. You want to consider this before deciding on the most appropriate pot and location.

Expect your plants to flower anywhere between seven and nine weeks; the plants are usually ready for harvest in October. This strain can grow tall, so you want to watch out for its height when growing indoors. Topping can help limit the plants’ vertical growth and promote lateral growth. You can harvest about 1-1.5OZ/FT2 when growing indoors and 18-20OZ per plant when cultivating in an outdoor garden.

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